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John Partridge is Fowl

A few nights ago I blogged that  John Partridge was shifty and not to be trusted.

Now I would like to amend that statement  to include the fact he  is a two-face , shifty, heartless,  slimey dog , self serving bore and  Megan McKenna  was right to blow up at him tonight and although it was uncomfortable to watch at times – it was bloody funny.


Partridge for reasons  known only to himself has appointed himself judge and jury over his fellow housemate and last night poor Darren Day came under fire at what was the most outrageous , brutal , twofaced   betrayal in reality TV history and Partridge should be ashamed of himself.

I  mean what right has that prat to stand there , all self righteous and nominate poor Darren because he had a few fags to deal with what was by any standards a stressful day.

Darren had taken Partridge into his trust and confided some of his personal issues and yet Partridge stood there and mortified Darren   in front of his fellow  housemates and the great British public. I could hardly believe what I was hearing and to make it so much worse Partridge tried wiggling himself out of it and Darren seem to buy his shit and forgive the useless prat.

I take my hat off to Darren , not only for his ongoing battle with the demons of addictions , but being a bigger man than me and not knocking Partridge out cold last night.

If it had been me  I would have smacked him in the mouth and told him to keep outta my face for the remainder of their time in the house and forever after.

Partridge played  a role in getting the clueless Winton chucked out of the house  first (although Winston didn’t need much help really, did he?  ) , then he lead the charge in the witch hunt to get Tiffany to leave the house and was disgustingly rude and heartless in the slimey way he related the request to her – did you see the barley concealed sneer on his face when he forgot the camera’s were there?

Megan was gold viewing tonight and she was right to air the obvious truth apart Partridge , although she did go a little over board -Just a tiny bit.

Hopefully the rest of the house have wakened up to the real John Partridge and they make their views and disgust known to him tomorrow and knock that vile prat off his perch!

A baby Partridge

David Gest is dead – Really ?

The first fifteen  minutes of Big Brother tonight was the funniest thing I have seen on telly in donkeys years  and I almost had a heart attack laughing.  It had drama, comedy and tragedy and a cast of characters straight out off central casting.

Picture the scene….

Angie Bowie breaking down in the Dairy Room ( after saying she wasn’t going to cry) on being told of David Bowie’s death. John and David Gest are called in to support her and she sees an opportunity and begins milking it like a German farmer taking part in the annual Dusseldorf milking competition.


Theres more…


She gets David and John to promise not to tell anyone and they agree and they all make their way back into the main house.

Angie is trying to hold it together, but without really trying at all and a blind and deaf man  would have guessed that she was upset about something .

Enter Tiffany….

Angie proclaims that its not just  a  ” silly cold – its much worst than that ” and Tiffany shows her heart and goes to comfort her. After a millisecond of saying she can’t say – she makes Tiffany promise not to repeat what she is about to tell here . After Tiffany eagerly agrees Angie blurts out that :

“David was Dead”

And Tiffany goes into melt down.

I mean a real melt down –  it was as if she had lost a close family member the  way she was crying and becoming hysterical .

Now at this point I said to the wife that Tiffany must be a David Bowie superfan , as she seems to be taking his death worse than Angie and to be honest I thought she was acting a little bit unhinged.

 Tiffany rushes outside and proclaims to everyone that David was dead as she made her way to the bedroom.

On entering the bedroom she makes her way straight to David Gest’s bed and he’s in bed resting , with the covers over his head. Tiffany looks as if she is going to have a breakdown and is getting more hysterical and unhinged  by the second.

Then the penny dropped –

She had thought that David Gest had died and bizarrely some of the other housemates who had followed her to the bedroom had come  to the same ridiculous conclusion.

It was absolutely hilarious and a piece of TV gold and it give my humour gene a right good chuckle.

Then things turned dark and fowl  and before you could say boo to a goose the rest of the house had turned on Tiffany and lead by the ever vigilant and extremely shifty John Partridge ( did you see what I done there ?)  called for her to be thrown out of the house – or else they would all leave.

Hmmmm. Yeah right!

Back  to John , who put you in charge and what give you the right to have Tiffany thrown out of the house. You’ve already engineered the departure of the clueless Winston’s McKenzie. Are you trying to get better odds on you winning by getting rid of the competition?

You are starting to become boring.

Anyways they all turned on Tiffany and she came out fighting and it was uncomfortable to for a while, but Tiffany is made of sterner stuff and held her own.   Her situation was not help by having the ever clueless Gemma Collins throwing in random clichés and offering useless advice : ” Tomorrow is another day” , being my favourite.

I personally think they were being a bit hard on Tiffany , after all in was a stupid misunderstanding and they need to give her a break and a second chance. Providing that fowl prat  Partridge can get off his soap box and shut the hell up – although I doubt it

Chin up Tiffany , after all Tomorrow is another day.

If you’ve not seen it you’ll never know how funny it was.

Oh and that useless nob Johnathan ( I think that’s his name ) left the BB house and I hardly noticed – Bye!

Big Brother’s latest victim – Winston McKenzie

Like the vast majority of Big Brother  viewers  (Ahem…. the wife makes me  watch it  ) and the Great British public I found the views and actions of ex-boxer come errr  politician  Winston McKenzie   offensive and hard to  watch and yet I felt a tiny bit of sympathy for him , but this was short lived.

The fact of the matter is BB knew all about his views before he entered the house and the producers/researcher’s must have been beside themselves with anticipation of it all kicking off – and they were not to be disappointed.

Homophobia is a hate crime and rightly has no place in a democratic and tolerant society such as the UK. The producers of BB knew that when Winston’s views were aired during the show last night the shit would hit the fan and Winston would be sent packing faster than a rat up a drain pipe.

And it was no surprise to anyone on planet earth that he was the 1st to be evicted from the house.

But BB are guilty of setting Winston up for a mighty fall and today’s Papers and social media are going into over drive as the country debates  the heinous crimes of a clueless Winston McKenzie .

The producers of the show should be ashamed of themselves for the way they have manipulated and edited the show and the fact that yesterdays task was the catalyst for Winston’s downfall left a sour taste in my mouth.

Its not the first time the show has acted in such a way and Helen Wood is testament  to the shows love of the a ” Pantomime baddie ” and the levels the producers are willing to sink to in order to get a few extra viewers and free nationwide publicity.

But should Winston have been included in the show in the first place ?

After all ,  I assume they  have a vetting process and under normal circumstances  anyone with Winston’s views would not have got passed the 1st hurdle in any other mainline show and yet he was signed up and permitted to take part in the show – despite BB knowing that his views about gays and his attitude towards women would offend all right minded people the length and breadth of the country.

Watching Emma doing the exit interview last night I noted that 90% of the questions were related to his homophobic  comments and Ms Willis was not happy and on a roll. The interview seemed more like a grilling by a hard nosed News reporter and Emma barley mentioned his time in the house apart from the obvious and nor did she follow the normal eviction formula.

Winston’s attitude towards women in the house was creepy  to say the least and uncomfortable to watch and his barely concealed homophobia  leads me to believe the man is obviously a few shillings short of a full deck and begs the question why  did he agree to enter the house in the first place?

 Have years of being punched  in the head lead to a malfunction of normal rational behaviour and should his agent now be looking for a new job?

Despite the outcry over his comments and  his nethanderal attitude to modern life/families , I do feel that Winston is a victim of BB’s hysterical desire to increase viewing figures  and raise its profile and BB have stooped to new depths in inviting Winston to take part in the show and then hanging him out to dry when he delivered what they had prayed for when they signed him up.

Being homophobia and  a chauvinistic pig should have excluded Winston from getting anywhere near the show and BB should be ashamed of themselves for setting this fool up for such  a mighty fall on national TV and  trying to manipulate public opinion as a means of increasing the shows profile.

I have little sympathy for Winston and I am sure he will live with the fallout of this episode for many years to come and yet I have a funny suspicion that the BB team are patting themselves  on the back and are already searching for the next “Lamb to the Slaughter”

Roll on  tonight show!!

See Big Brother’s Nepotism




Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace – Wikipedia page for those who didn’t know she was a star!

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace (/æʃˈln ˈhɔrɡən ˈwɒlɨs/; born 28 December 1978) is a British glamour model, fashion designer, magazine columnist, actress, and television & media personality. She rose to fame in 2006, when she appeared, and finished third, in the seventh series of reality TV show Big Brother.

Confrontation: Tempers once again flared as Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Marc O'Neil confronted each other in the Big Brother house on Wednesday evening

Early life

Horgan-Wallace’s mother was Sophia Horgan, a fashion designer, and her father is Steve Wallace, a car dealer. They separated when she was three years old.[1] She was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness by her mother in North London[2] and moved schools several times due to clashes with fellow pupils.[2] At the age of 16, Horgan-Wallace stopped living with her mother and stayed with friends before moving to a women’s hostel.[2][3] She was reunited with her father at the age of 18 after he tracked her down.[4]

It has been reported that Horgan-Wallace won a Prince’s Trust grant to take a beauty therapy course at college, and that she had jobs in shoe shops and as a promotions girl.[2] Her official biography states that she studied at the London College of Fashion, and that she took part-time promotional jobs to help fund her education.


2006: Big Brother

Horgan-Wallace rose to become notable in the United Kingdom when she was selected as a contestant in the seventh series of the Channel 4 TV series, Big Brother, in 2006. She entered the Big Brother House on Day 12, and became known for her clashes with fellow contestants Nikki Grahame and Grace Adams-Short, and for being voted into the “House Next Door” by the public — a secret house, where she was forced to choose who, out of five new contestants, would become new housemates.[5][6][7][8][9][10] Horgan-Wallace reached the final on Day 93; she came third with 22% of the public vote.[11] She was the highest placed female housemate of the series.[12] It was reported that Horgan-Wallace’s popularity shocked the show’s producers, with tabloid sources suggesting that they had attempted to “engineer” the series’ finalists, and did not expect the swing in public support for her.[13]

In August 2010, she turned down an offer to appear in Ultimate Big Brother[14] in order to shoot her scenes as ‘Maria’ in the British urban comedy movie, Anuvahood instead.

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace at a red carpet event

Since 2007, Horgan-Wallace has been a frequent guest on the Big Brother support shows, Big Brother’s Big Mouth, Big Brother’s Little Brother, and latterly, since the show’s move to Channel 5 in 2011, Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

2007-present: Transitions into television work

Since 2007, she has appeared in a number of episodes of Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe. She has also presented for shows such as T4. She appeared in BBC One‘s Test The Nation, on a team with several other Big Brother contestants.[15] She also made a small appearance on The Charlotte Church Show. She appeared in several episodes of the Red TV series Celebrity: Stars at Work, which aired in December 2007 and January 2008.[16] Following on from this, Horgan-Wallace signed a one series contract with Red TV to film a self-titled, fly-on-the-wall documentary Aisleyne. Four episodes were broadcast, the first being aired on 5 March 2008.[17][18]

In June 2008, Horgan-Wallace made a guest appearance on a special edition of The Friday Night Project, which aired after the launch of Big Brothers ninth series.[19] Her contributions to the show included a sketch which mocked her rivalry with former housemate Nikki Grahame.[20] In August 2008, she made a brief cameo appearance in The Kevin Bishop Show. In October 2008 Aisleyne appeared in Channel 4 and E4’s horror Dead Set, which was written by Charlie Brooker. She played herself in this show. She featured in two episodes – episode 1.01 and episode 1.05. In episode 1.05 she played a zombie version of herself.

On 2 March 2009 Aisleyne underwent a make-under for the BBC Three programme Snog Marry Avoid?,[21] presented by Jenny Frost. She was persuaded that a more natural look suited her. In May 2009 she was interviewed for the E4/CH4 programme – Big Brother: A Decade in the Headlines, written and presented by Grace Dent.

In March 2010 she appeared as a guest diner on the Living TV programme, Celebrity Restaurant in Our Living Room. On 5 May 2011 she starred in an episode of Celebrity Hens and Stags for Wedding TV.[22] She helped organize a stag night in Edinburgh including racing in an off-road buggy. In June 2011 she appeared as a contestant[23] in the TV3 (Ireland) series, Celebrity Salon. She finished runner-up behind TV presenter, Alan Hughes.

In January 2012 she appeared in the third series of the Channel 4 show Celebrity Coach Trip, alongside fellow Big Brother alumna Nikki Grahame. The pair were given a red card on Day 3 of the series after clashes with older celebrities including Edwina Currie and Jean Broke-Smith. From December 2012, Horgan-Wallace became a regular guest on the Loaded TV chat show, Looser Women Live, a programme regularly hosted by her friend, the model and fellow reality TV star, Nicola McLean.

On 11 February 2015 she appeared as a claimant on the ITV daytime show Judge Rinder, in a case of unpaid debt against her fellow former BB7 contestant Michael Cheshire, winning her case.[24]

Big Brother 16

In June 2015, after plans were revealed regarding former “legendary” housemates returning to the Big Brother 16 House as part of “Time Warp” week, Horgan-Wallace was amongst many who were hotly tipped to re-enter. On Day 32, fellow BB7 contestant Nikki Grahame re-entered alongside Brian Belo and Helen Wood. It was later revealed that Horgan-Wallace was meant to enter the House on Day 39, however the plans were scrapped for unknown reasons.

On Day 44, during that week’s shopping task, Horgan-Wallace made her return to the House as the fourth “Time Warp” housemate.

Other work

In 2006, she had a small part in the film Rollin’ with the Nines.[25][26]

After Big Brother, Aisleyne made numerous personal appearances in nightclubs around the UK. She hosted a show for the online radio station, Invincible,[27] was a guest commentator on BBC’s Asian Network[28] and made several guest appearances on Choice FM’s ‘Morning Vybe’ show.[15]

She worked as an agony aunt for More magazine[29] and wrote a weekly column for Reveal magazine covering Big Brother 8 as well as a daily blog on their website. She reprised this role for the programme’s ninth and tenth series.[30]

In September 2007, it was announced that she had taken control of her own career via her management company, Aisleyne Ltd, along with co-director Richard Skeels.

On 10 February 2008 Aisleyne released a fashion range named “Unique by Aisleyne”. She worked with the “high-end” fashion distributors Unique Collections Ltd, to design and produce the outfits. A complementary swimwear range was launched a few weeks later.[31]

It was announced on 24 April 2008, that Mainstream Publishing had bought the right to publish her autobiography, entitled Aisleyne: Surviving Guns, Gangs and Glamour.[32] This book was published on 7 May 2009. The launch party held on 6 May was attended by various celebrities, including Jodie Marsh, Charlie Brooker and Nate James.

On 24 and 27 March 2009, she co-hosted a radio show on SMUC Radio[33] with Eamonn McCrystal.

Horgan-Wallace plays the character ‘Maria’ in the British film comedy Anuvahood, which was released in the UK on 18 March 2011.

On 10 June 2011 she was a judge in the Miss Universe Ireland beauty contest in Dublin.[34]

Horgan-Wallace plays the character of ‘Jasmine’ in the forthcoming low-budget British horror movie, Serial Kaller, which was filmed in April and May 2013.

In March 2014 she launched her own celebrity boot camp named Aisleyne’s Booty Camp,[35] based in a Country House near Grantham, Leicestershire.


Prior to her appearance on Big Brother,

Big Brother’s shame continues…

Big Brother’s shame continues…

Have the producers of BB no shame in their discrimination against Marc and their sycophantic nepotism for the so-called “BB Legends “ and the collection of spineless wasters now taking up space in the BB house? ?

There are many homeless people in the UK, whom need a place to live and I am sure they would be much more entertaining than “ Father Danny “ and his kowtowing , no personality, twofaced side – kicks.

Currently the delusional Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace’s is on a one woman ego trip and seems to have the full support of the BB team and the wider Big Brother fraternity.

Confrontation: Tempers once again flared as Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Marc O'Neil confronted each other in the Big Brother house on Wednesday evening

During the highlights last night, the ‘legendary, Aheem…’ housemate got into another intense row with Marc O’Neill, and shouted at the Irishman that at least she had a Wikipedia page.

Get Simon OUT!
Not Such a Twat

Firing back at Marc when he called her face “plastic” and “like Lego”, Aisleyne said:

“You can look at Wikipedia, because I have a Wikipedia and you don’t!”

For God’s sake, anyone can set up a Wikipedia page, providing you have access to the internet and two minutes to spare.

The Yorkshire Ripper and various other psychopaths have a Wikipedia page and you don’t hear them banging on about it.

The girl is a feckin disgrace to the human race and if Big Brother doesn’t step in soon she will hopefully disappear up her on back side.

Once again she was harassing Marc and being aggressive and confrontational and as usual that false git Danny charged to the rescue and poked his nose in where it didn’t belong.

I would even go so far as to say he is bulling Marc, but there’s no chance of Big Brother taking any action, after all Danny Boy will no doubt be a BB “ Legend “ in due course.

Back off Danny Boy, it’s none of your business and the real BB fans have got your number!

As usual the BB team and wider fraternity are delusional about what the public really think and they persist in promoting the likes of Nicky Graham & Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace’s as BB gold.

You just have to look back on last year when they were all so against Helen and were convinced she had no chance of winning.

Helen Wood

This conviction was reaffirmed frequently on BBBOT , where Emma and the audience ( Super fans whom always get it wrong) practised nepotism on a nightly basis and were convinced they were calling it as it was.

Well they got that completely wrong and Helen walked away with the BB crown and good luck to her, she deserved it.

For the record I am still supporting Marc to win and I think it’s a disgrace the way that disgusting, creepy , smelly ,gross, nauseating, vulgar John McCririck laid into Marc about attacking BB “ Legend” Brian Belo and being responsible for his leaving over the wall.

Brian left of his own accord and boy is he milking it. It was good to see Charlie sticking up for Marc, but Aisleyne wasn’t to happy about it. Bothered?

It’s time Big Brother give Marc a break and give him a task or two. Thus far all the tasks have gone to “Father Danny “and his flock and poor Marc is often left out and ostracised. When will BB wake up to the fact that most viewers like Marc and he has more personality in his little finger than the rest of them put together.

Stop the Nepotism BB , It boring and not very nice.


Big Brother’s Nepotism continues……………

Big Brother’s: ‘Danny Wisker is s*** in bed and would sell his mum to be famous,’ blasts ex-housemate “

Well that is according to the wonderful Miss Biannca Lake whose brief appearance on BB last year was way to brief and something I’m still trying to come to terms with. I mean , was she for real? I sincerely hope not for the sake of her parents.

Having said that she was a breath of fresh air and the most entertaining thing on BB last year , apart from that nob Steven Goode , who was socially inadequate and ahem.. a bit mad really.

Steven Goode

Big Brother 2014: Steven Goode

But  I digress.

My beef at the moment is  with Danny and his sycophantic side kicks. mainly Christian. Danny seems to be under the delusion that is  “The Father ” of the house  and its his full time job to protect the rest of his flock from the evil Marc O’ Neill.

Marc O'Neil from Kildare, Ireland, who entered the Big Brother house tonight, following the eviction of four of the current contestants. Photo: Channel 5/PA Wire

Even before one person nominated yesterday (I suspect like most other viewers ) I knew what was coming. Marc and Sam would get the majority of noms and Harry would be thrown into the equation for good measure. And how right I was. The only surprise was Pie face’s inclusion , not that that upset me, I just thought all nominations would be for Marc & Sam.

Danny , The 29-year-old demolition worker has already appeared on ITV2’s Girlfriends, Sky Living’s Love Machine and as an extra in TOWIE , so there’s obviously a wanton desire on his part to raise his profile and subject us to as much of his wonderful self as possible.

And wasn’t this the same guy a few weeks ago got a hump because another housemate suggested he wanted to be famous?

And now he has teamed up with that ugly ( BB Legend ) slapper Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace he’s walking about like the cat that got the cream. Sour cream in my opinion and they are well suited.

Danny repeatedly butts into Marc’s discussions ( arguments) with other housemates and he has been aggressive and confrontational on numerous occasions towards Marc and yet the BB fraternity seem to love him? I think he is bang out of order and would love to see him up for nom and evicted , but that  cant happen whilst he is surrounded by his “followers”.

I posted last week about the nepotism BB shows towards BB Legends like Nicky Graham and Brian and my views have not changed. Both Brian and Nicky broke the BB rules in regards to being confrontational and evading someone space ( Marc & Helen)  and yet neither was told off or criticised for their actions during the “sickening”  exit interviews with Emma or BBBOTS team..

Helen Wood said Big Brother was edited against her [Wenn]

Big Brother 2015: Helen Wood reveals Nikki Grahame got a formal warning over her behaviour in the house.

Writing her column for the Daily Star, she said: “Things need putting into perspective. The public need to start reading between those fine lines. We all know my role is to be the panto villain.

“They weren’t going to show me making cups of tea and painting my nails.”

She added that she felt bullied while in the house that the show was edited against her. “I’m sick to death with people thinking it’s fine to slate me all the time, like I’m made of stone,” she continued.

“They pressed my buttons, that’s not shown, so when I explode it appears as if it’s come out of nowhere.

Similarly, Nikki got a formal warning, not shown. My formal warning, shown.

Give me Marc or Helen any day of the week over the rest of these wasters. At least with Marc & Helen you get what you see and they are honest and up-front.

Big Brother – Stop the Nepotism – its boring and unfair!

Big Brother’s Nepotism – Getting a Bit Boring & Predictable

Getting Bored of Big Brother’s Nepotism

Am I the only person in the UK whom is getting a bit miffed with Big Brother’s Nepotism ?

Just watching  Emma Willis as she ( sycophantically)  interviews

emma willis

the infuriating Nikki” Grahame ( I’m a Legend, you know)


And the contrast between her interview with Helen Wood is striking.

Helen is treated like the pantomime “baddie” and the whole Big Brother fraternity gang up and condemn her behaviour.

Helen Wood

I personally  think that Helen is misunderstood and her biggest crime is not being able to articulate her feelings in a  none aggressive  and confrontational way. And you can’t really hold that against her, can you?

Emma kept going on about how   Helen  had crossed the line and how much she had ” Bullied & Harassed ”  Brian & Nicky .

Brian Belo

From where I was sitting Brian and Nicky give as good as they took. In fact it seemed to me that Brain and Nicky were started up against Helen at every opportunity and I know this might not be popular, I exactly felt sorry for Helen.

I know she is fouled mouthed and has no social graces what so ever , but for Gods sake she’s not t Katie Hopkins (foul human being in my opinion )

katie hopkins

and I have always had a soft spot for the underdog.

This post was supposed to be longer and go into the issues mentioned in much more details. But unfortunately I am drunk and the words and room are starting to spin. So time for bed………………………..

Hope he's OK
I have no idea who he is

Big Brother

Well it’s been a while since I post to my dairy and I thought I better move my butt and put pen to paper, metaphorically speaking.

The usual things are dominating my mundane life and there’s nothing very exciting to report. I’ve been watching Big Brother and am most disappointed with this new lot of housemates. Simon is doing my head in and has shown himself to be a two faced bitch and my heart goes out to poor Eileen , whom seems to do nothing wrong and yet is abused and dismissed on a casual basis. Also, why didn’t they throw that new Irish twat out for the same crime that brought down the likable, but annoying Aaron. That new girl Harry is a right minger and if I was her parents I would be appalled.

Gonne to soon Kieran
Gonne to soon Kieran

One finally thought on BB, why did the British public get rid of poor Kieran ? , he was the best thing in there and I’m baffled by what he done to deserve such an early exit. Answers on a post card please

Daughter feel in love and then the dirty rat dumped her and now I have a very unhappy teenage daughter on my hands. To be honest the boy wasn’t no where good enough for my baby and I’m glad to see the back of him ,but I think I’ll keep that to myself me thinks. Autumn was such a beautiful happy child and she’s turned into a slightly angry, grumpy teenager, but she’s a good kid and never does anything to outrageous or brings shame on the family.

We’ll leave that to her brother Jude. Him and Colin (BOTH 8 YRS) were upstairs supposable watching Scoobie Doo and Simone went up to check on them and they were watching hardcore porn. I nearly fainted. Simone asked what they were doing and they said they were just having a look, but both were glued to the screen and were watching avidly as a young lady demonstrated how ambidextrously she could use both legs. There will be a Stewart’s enquiry and a suitable child filter things activated on the laptop and any other devices that connect to the web.

Been doing a bit of work on my book and am still positive that I’m moving in the right direction, but I wish things would move faster and I could get a publisher to committee. I have an agency putting together a proposal and hopefully doing the rounds, but as yet nothing solid. Fingers crossed something will be sorted soon, as I really want to share my story.

1 a key_Charles_Kennedy

Final thought goes to Charles Kennedy and the family he left behind, R.I.P Charles , your legacy and memory will live long!

Beannachd leibh