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Big Brother’s Saira Khan is a Nightmare!

Saira Khan is a NIGHTMARE

I ain’t being funny here but that Saira Khan is an absolute nutter  and if I was in the BB house with her I would be keeping as much distance between her and me as possible , preferably with a brick wall and a few miles separating us.

This woman is TOXIC and so far she has managed to upset almost all  her  housemates and tonight she was bang out-of-order when she accused the “boys” of being aggressive and she slapped  Marnie right in the face when she was trying to comfort her.


Don’t bother Marnie – cause you are fighting a losing battle.

This woman has no social skills what-so-ever and how she has managed to get herself on prime time TV is baffling me in the extreme, but then again it is Loose Women were talking about .

Prior to her popping up in the BB house my only recollection of her was her statement in all the papers

” I’ve given my hubby permission to sleep with other women, cause I don’t like sex “

or something to that effect. Now –  when I read this my first  thought was that this woman would say anything to get a bit of exposure and shame on her for stooping so very very low.

How the hell did she find someone stupid enough to marry her in the first place?


Anyways I was shocked and outraged at her antics today and her “grilling” of Bear in the bathroom left me confused and worried for his safety , never mind hers’ I mean what sort of question is:

” Have you ever hit someone or been aggressive ” ?

Bear was right to be upset at this line of questioning and fair play to him he give her the time of day and was honest and up front with her. And then for her to later turn round and say she felt threatened by him and was worried about her safety…….



Give me a feckin break – the woman is as mad as a box of frogs and if you needed more proof   – look how she reacted when Heavy D ( he’s an annoying git) and Lewis ( my mum likes Lewis) tried talking some sense into her at the dinning table. She spit  her dummy out and accused them all of being aggressive – when she was the only one being…ahem… aggressive and took herself off to the bedroom and had a mini meltdown that lasted just long enough for her to insult Marnie and ignore Heavy D’s awkward , fumbling apology ( she’s not the hugging type D – so don’t bother) .

Heavy D

Or should I say she ain’t going to hug you big fella as she probably feels threatened by you – you big cuddly monster ( my cat likes Heavy D – I can tell)

Delilah – What a face!

Anyways I could go on  and waffle some more and I do have much more to say , but the wife is calling me and has been for the last 2o minutes and its got to the stage I can’t ignore her anymore unless I want to suffer so I’m signing off for now.

But I’ll be back……..



Big Brother’s Steph’s latest melt down

This series of Big Brother is turning out to be the most entertaining in years and I hardly have time to digest one unfolding drama before the next one kicks off. Half the housemates seem to have gone insane and the remainder are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder ,  as they watch  their fellow housemates stumble from one melt down to the next.

Tonight Angie Bowie was the first to show signs of cracking and charged into the daily room and demanded her passport and a car to take her to who knows where. Was she going straight to the airport and hopping back over the pond perhaps?

It was telling that one of the first comments she made to Big Brother was ” she didn’t care about the money” , when she clearly did care about the money as she miraculously changed her mind and as of writing this she is still in the house.

I have often pondered what Big Brother says to these exploding “stars” as they are on the brink of throwing the towel in and walking away from the BB house.


Money is obviously a factor and I understand that if they leave early or are removed from the house for unacceptable behaviour , then as per their contracts their fee is subject to penalties or in serve cases withheld.

But  wouldn’t it  be nice to be a fly on the wall and see  exactly how  Big Brother dealt with celebrity tantrums and manages to defuse an exploding ego.

Angie eventually calm down and surprisingly (not) opted to remain in the house and BB rewarded her with a sleeping pass and this seemed to satisfy  all parties.

Meanwhile David Gest is being paid £600,000 to make occasional guest appearances in the main house. He seems to spend more time in the bb guest bedroom and never seems to be involved in anything of any interest. He is reportedly the highest paid housemate ever and to be honest if I was BB I would ask for a refund.

Come on David earn your money and entertain us!

Meanwhile Stephanie’s  love triangle dominated most of the rest of the show and she had melt down number five thousand and thirty two. For the umpteenth time she threatened to leave the house , but was ahem… talked round  again.

Jeremy seems to be playing her like a fiddle and although she is very annoying and obviously deranged I do feel sorry for her and the boyfriend she may or may not have when she leaves the house. Her meltdown tonight was up  there with the best of them and Gemma Collin’s was on the receiving end of her hysterical outburst. When she stormed into thee dairy room and demanded to leave I didn’t think for a second that she would walk. And strangely not because of the money ( like most ) but because of her fatal attraction to Jeremy and the thought of leaving him is something she could never face.

Also whilst in the dairy room she  managed to insult and probably alienate every reality TV star in the  UK and perhaps further afield. The poor girl had lost it and watching her tonight I felt that she was her own worst enemy.

I know she’ is bang out of order and has thrown herself at Jeremy heart and soul, but she is obviously a young women with bigger issues and seems unstable and emotional damaged and I can’t help but feel for her.

I just hopes she survives Big Brother and is able to deal with the fall out that will  surely come.

Jeremy  is a slimey dog and he should be ashamed of the way he is/has treated her.

Anyways Big Brother give her some space to cool down and placed her in solitary confinement , booth for her own good and to stop her from tearing Gemma Collins to pieties , although if they did have a fight my money would be on Gemma.

Unfortunately solitary confinement was the last thing she needed and the show ended with her ranting and raving like a deranged and on the brink of a complete melt down.

I hope Big Brother are proud of the way they have treated this fragile girl’s public meltdown ( which BB orchestrated )  and they give her the support she will need when she leaves the house – for good

Keep up the good work Big Brother.




Megan McKenna gets a formal warning


Big Brother has issued Megan McKenna with a formal warning following her drunken meltdown in last nights show.

See below for Big Brother Rules


The Ex On the Beach star launched a violent, foul-mouthed outburst at fellow housemates Tiffany Pollard and John Partridge after a row quickly escalated out of control.

When Tiffany and Megan nearly came to blows, the young reality star was ordered to go into the bathroom before she was called into the Diary Room and eventually removed from the house by security when she failed to calm down.

The argument began when Megan, who had earlier admitted to being “p****d as a fart”, said she was fed up of cleaning up after people in the house.

When John contested that she doesn’t clean up after him, Megan replied: “It’s always John, ‘I’m the perfect one’. I f**king respect people in here, John. I respect people but I’ve lost it in here with you!”

See Mirror for full story


Big Brother Rules

1.There is no direct contact with the outside world.

    * Big Brother never discusses anything that has happened in the outside world.
    * Big Brother never enters into any negotiations about how certain actions, conversations or events that may have occurred in the house will be shown on the television.
    * Housemates are not permitted to make any attempts to communicate personal messages with members of the outside world by means of written messages, symbols or personalised clothing.
    * If any objects appear in the garden Housemates must not touch or inspect them unless instructed to do so.
    * If people appear in the garden Housemates MUST NOT communicate with them.
    * In the event of any of these events occurring Housemates must make their way immediately inside and close the doors, even if not specifically asked to do so.

2.Housemates are filmed 24 hours a day and must wear personal microphones at all times.

    * Big Brother will not broadcast images from the toilet on the television or internet unless it is being used for purposes other than those for which it was designed. For example, images of two people talking in the toilet may be broadcast.
    * It is strictly against the Rules to interfere for any reason with the camera or sound equipment installed in the House and garden or to do anything which may hinder the working of the equipment in any way.
    * It is against the rules to try and locate and/or acknowledge cameras through the mirrors. It is also against the rules to discuss camera positions.
    * Nothing must be placed in front of mirrors to impede camera coverage. Housemates are forbidden to move vases and bowls and any other decorative items.
    * No furniture can be moved from one part of the house to another.
    * Housemates are forbidden to hang towels anywhere in the House except on the heated towel rails in the bathroom.
    * It is compulsory to wear a personal microphone at all times except when sleeping, showering or taking part in any activity in which the microphone may be damaged.


3.The Diary Room is the only place in the house where Big Brother will acknowledge housemates. Visits to the Diary Room are a vital part of the Big Brother experience and are, therefore, compulsory.

    * Housemates are welcome to enter the Diary Room at any time of the day or night.
    * The Diary Room is the only place in the House that Big Brother acknowledges what Housemates say.
    * Housemates may not wear sunglasses or hats in the Diary Room.
    * The Diary Room can only be entered if there is no-one in the room. It is electronically locked at all other times. It will also be locked while Housemates are in the room.
    * Big Brother can call individual Housemates to the Diary Room at any time. Housemates must come when called, failure to do so or responding in an offensive manner to Big Brother may result in disqualification and early eviction.
    * It is compulsory for Housemates to enter the Diary Room to make their nominations.
    * Big Brother is the only person who communicates with the Housemates. On occasion, Big Brother may not answer questions immediately but will always eventually return an answer. Big Brother will not answer personal questions.
    * If a Housemate decides to leave voluntarily, they must explain their reasons why in the Diary Room.
    * Any questions asked by Big Brother in the Diary Room cannot be divulged to other Housemates.
    * Occasionally Housemates may need minor medical treatment. On these occasions professionals will usually treat them in the Diary Room. It is prohibited to try and seek information about the outside world from these professionals.
    * If a Housemate is having a consultation with the counsellor or psychologist (either at their request or at the suggestion of Big Brother) then this conversation will be confidential. It will not be recorded and members of the production team will not be able to hear or see the consultation.

4.Each week, Housemates are required to go to the Diary Room and nominate two people for potential eviction.

    * Housemates must give frank and honest reasons for their nominations.
    * If any Housemate is deemed to be holding back a valid reason for nominating a fellow Housemate, a formal warning may be issued.
    * Housemates are not allowed to nominate themselves or any inanimate objects.

5.Housemates are not permitted to discuss nominations with any other Housemates.

This includes:

    * Any discussion with another Housemate that could be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to influence their nominations.
    * Predicting or guessing who may be nominated or evicted.
    * Discussing the reasons Housemates might use for nominating.
    * Discussing the type of person Housemates are thinking of nominating.
    * Writing down or using materials at Housemates disposal to form names, initials or other symbols. For this reason the use of pens, pencils or any written communication is strictly against the rules.
    * Communicating in code or languages other than English and/or devising other methods of communication.

Housemates are, of course, free to talk about how they feel about the other Housemates. Their good and bad points may be discussed with others but NOT as part of a discussion about nominations.

6.Housemates may not intimidate, threaten or act violently towards any other Housemate.

Big Brother has the right to evict Housemates without warning if their behaviour is deemed to warrant it.

7.Housemates may not communicate in code and/or foreign or sign languages.

    * Housemates are forbidden to write anything using any material or surface in the House eg steam on glass.
    * On the occasion Housemates are provided with a writing implement it is forbidden for this implement to be used for anything other than the express purpose for which it is provided.
    * Housemates must speak in English at all times.

8.All tasks, unless otherwise stated, are compulsory.

    * The supply of food and other household goods is generally dependant on Housemates’ performance in compulsory weekly tasks.
    * Succeeding in the task results in a substantial shopping budget, failing the task means Housemates may have to live on “staples”. Staple foodstuffs are supplied by Big Brother and provide enough calories and the appropriate balance of nutrients from all the major food groups for each Housemate for the week. Big Brother retains the right to change the rules of any task at any stage.
    * In addition to the weekly tasks Big Brother may also set other challenges.
    * If a task is deemed compulsory, any Housemate refusing to take part will attract a fine and may be evicted.
    * The rules of all tasks are non-negotiable.

9.Housemates may not discuss any previous series of Big Brother. Housemates are forbidden to discuss their plans for the prize money.

    * Housemates may not discuss any previous series of Big Brother – either Australian or international – or former Housemates – either Australian or international – with any other Housemate.
    * Under no circumstances may any of the Housemates discuss how they intend to spend the prize money should they win it. In particular, any pacts to share or split the prize money between Housemates are against the rules and may result in the prize money being withdrawn altogether.
    * Housemates may not discuss any aspect of the audition process or any person they met during the auditions or at any other time during pre-production or in Lockdown.

10. Big Brother reserves the right to change the rules at any time.



John Partridge is Fowl

A few nights ago I blogged that  John Partridge was shifty and not to be trusted.

Now I would like to amend that statement  to include the fact he  is a two-face , shifty, heartless,  slimey dog , self serving bore and  Megan McKenna  was right to blow up at him tonight and although it was uncomfortable to watch at times – it was bloody funny.


Partridge for reasons  known only to himself has appointed himself judge and jury over his fellow housemate and last night poor Darren Day came under fire at what was the most outrageous , brutal , twofaced   betrayal in reality TV history and Partridge should be ashamed of himself.

I  mean what right has that prat to stand there , all self righteous and nominate poor Darren because he had a few fags to deal with what was by any standards a stressful day.

Darren had taken Partridge into his trust and confided some of his personal issues and yet Partridge stood there and mortified Darren   in front of his fellow  housemates and the great British public. I could hardly believe what I was hearing and to make it so much worse Partridge tried wiggling himself out of it and Darren seem to buy his shit and forgive the useless prat.

I take my hat off to Darren , not only for his ongoing battle with the demons of addictions , but being a bigger man than me and not knocking Partridge out cold last night.

If it had been me  I would have smacked him in the mouth and told him to keep outta my face for the remainder of their time in the house and forever after.

Partridge played  a role in getting the clueless Winton chucked out of the house  first (although Winston didn’t need much help really, did he?  ) , then he lead the charge in the witch hunt to get Tiffany to leave the house and was disgustingly rude and heartless in the slimey way he related the request to her – did you see the barley concealed sneer on his face when he forgot the camera’s were there?

Megan was gold viewing tonight and she was right to air the obvious truth apart Partridge , although she did go a little over board -Just a tiny bit.

Hopefully the rest of the house have wakened up to the real John Partridge and they make their views and disgust known to him tomorrow and knock that vile prat off his perch!

A baby Partridge

David Gest is dead – Really ?

The first fifteen  minutes of Big Brother tonight was the funniest thing I have seen on telly in donkeys years  and I almost had a heart attack laughing.  It had drama, comedy and tragedy and a cast of characters straight out off central casting.

Picture the scene….

Angie Bowie breaking down in the Dairy Room ( after saying she wasn’t going to cry) on being told of David Bowie’s death. John and David Gest are called in to support her and she sees an opportunity and begins milking it like a German farmer taking part in the annual Dusseldorf milking competition.


Theres more…


She gets David and John to promise not to tell anyone and they agree and they all make their way back into the main house.

Angie is trying to hold it together, but without really trying at all and a blind and deaf man  would have guessed that she was upset about something .

Enter Tiffany….

Angie proclaims that its not just  a  ” silly cold – its much worst than that ” and Tiffany shows her heart and goes to comfort her. After a millisecond of saying she can’t say – she makes Tiffany promise not to repeat what she is about to tell here . After Tiffany eagerly agrees Angie blurts out that :

“David was Dead”

And Tiffany goes into melt down.

I mean a real melt down –  it was as if she had lost a close family member the  way she was crying and becoming hysterical .

Now at this point I said to the wife that Tiffany must be a David Bowie superfan , as she seems to be taking his death worse than Angie and to be honest I thought she was acting a little bit unhinged.

 Tiffany rushes outside and proclaims to everyone that David was dead as she made her way to the bedroom.

On entering the bedroom she makes her way straight to David Gest’s bed and he’s in bed resting , with the covers over his head. Tiffany looks as if she is going to have a breakdown and is getting more hysterical and unhinged  by the second.

Then the penny dropped –

She had thought that David Gest had died and bizarrely some of the other housemates who had followed her to the bedroom had come  to the same ridiculous conclusion.

It was absolutely hilarious and a piece of TV gold and it give my humour gene a right good chuckle.

Then things turned dark and fowl  and before you could say boo to a goose the rest of the house had turned on Tiffany and lead by the ever vigilant and extremely shifty John Partridge ( did you see what I done there ?)  called for her to be thrown out of the house – or else they would all leave.

Hmmmm. Yeah right!

Back  to John , who put you in charge and what give you the right to have Tiffany thrown out of the house. You’ve already engineered the departure of the clueless Winston’s McKenzie. Are you trying to get better odds on you winning by getting rid of the competition?

You are starting to become boring.

Anyways they all turned on Tiffany and she came out fighting and it was uncomfortable to for a while, but Tiffany is made of sterner stuff and held her own.   Her situation was not help by having the ever clueless Gemma Collins throwing in random clichés and offering useless advice : ” Tomorrow is another day” , being my favourite.

I personally think they were being a bit hard on Tiffany , after all in was a stupid misunderstanding and they need to give her a break and a second chance. Providing that fowl prat  Partridge can get off his soap box and shut the hell up – although I doubt it

Chin up Tiffany , after all Tomorrow is another day.

If you’ve not seen it you’ll never know how funny it was.

Oh and that useless nob Johnathan ( I think that’s his name ) left the BB house and I hardly noticed – Bye!