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John Partridge is Fowl

A few nights ago I blogged that  John Partridge was shifty and not to be trusted.

Now I would like to amend that statement  to include the fact he  is a two-face , shifty, heartless,  slimey dog , self serving bore and  Megan McKenna  was right to blow up at him tonight and although it was uncomfortable to watch at times – it was bloody funny.


Partridge for reasons  known only to himself has appointed himself judge and jury over his fellow housemate and last night poor Darren Day came under fire at what was the most outrageous , brutal , twofaced   betrayal in reality TV history and Partridge should be ashamed of himself.

I  mean what right has that prat to stand there , all self righteous and nominate poor Darren because he had a few fags to deal with what was by any standards a stressful day.

Darren had taken Partridge into his trust and confided some of his personal issues and yet Partridge stood there and mortified Darren   in front of his fellow  housemates and the great British public. I could hardly believe what I was hearing and to make it so much worse Partridge tried wiggling himself out of it and Darren seem to buy his shit and forgive the useless prat.

I take my hat off to Darren , not only for his ongoing battle with the demons of addictions , but being a bigger man than me and not knocking Partridge out cold last night.

If it had been me  I would have smacked him in the mouth and told him to keep outta my face for the remainder of their time in the house and forever after.

Partridge played  a role in getting the clueless Winton chucked out of the house  first (although Winston didn’t need much help really, did he?  ) , then he lead the charge in the witch hunt to get Tiffany to leave the house and was disgustingly rude and heartless in the slimey way he related the request to her – did you see the barley concealed sneer on his face when he forgot the camera’s were there?

Megan was gold viewing tonight and she was right to air the obvious truth apart Partridge , although she did go a little over board -Just a tiny bit.

Hopefully the rest of the house have wakened up to the real John Partridge and they make their views and disgust known to him tomorrow and knock that vile prat off his perch!

A baby Partridge