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Big Brother’s Nepotism – Getting a Bit Boring & Predictable

Getting Bored of Big Brother’s Nepotism

Am I the only person in the UK whom is getting a bit miffed with Big Brother’s Nepotism ?

Just watching  Emma Willis as she ( sycophantically)  interviews

emma willis

the infuriating Nikki” Grahame ( I’m a Legend, you know)


And the contrast between her interview with Helen Wood is striking.

Helen is treated like the pantomime “baddie” and the whole Big Brother fraternity gang up and condemn her behaviour.

Helen Wood

I personally  think that Helen is misunderstood and her biggest crime is not being able to articulate her feelings in a  none aggressive  and confrontational way. And you can’t really hold that against her, can you?

Emma kept going on about how   Helen  had crossed the line and how much she had ” Bullied & Harassed ”  Brian & Nicky .

Brian Belo

From where I was sitting Brian and Nicky give as good as they took. In fact it seemed to me that Brain and Nicky were started up against Helen at every opportunity and I know this might not be popular, I exactly felt sorry for Helen.

I know she is fouled mouthed and has no social graces what so ever , but for Gods sake she’s not t Katie Hopkins (foul human being in my opinion )

katie hopkins

and I have always had a soft spot for the underdog.

This post was supposed to be longer and go into the issues mentioned in much more details. But unfortunately I am drunk and the words and room are starting to spin. So time for bed………………………..

Hope he's OK
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