Big Brother’s Saira Khan is a Nightmare!

Saira Khan is a NIGHTMARE

I ain’t being funny here but that Saira Khan is an absolute nutter  and if I was in the BB house with her I would be keeping as much distance between her and me as possible , preferably with a brick wall and a few miles separating us.

This woman is TOXIC and so far she has managed to upset almost all  her  housemates and tonight she was bang out-of-order when she accused the “boys” of being aggressive and she slapped  Marnie right in the face when she was trying to comfort her.


Don’t bother Marnie – cause you are fighting a losing battle.

This woman has no social skills what-so-ever and how she has managed to get herself on prime time TV is baffling me in the extreme, but then again it is Loose Women were talking about .

Prior to her popping up in the BB house my only recollection of her was her statement in all the papers

” I’ve given my hubby permission to sleep with other women, cause I don’t like sex “

or something to that effect. Now –  when I read this my first  thought was that this woman would say anything to get a bit of exposure and shame on her for stooping so very very low.

How the hell did she find someone stupid enough to marry her in the first place?


Anyways I was shocked and outraged at her antics today and her “grilling” of Bear in the bathroom left me confused and worried for his safety , never mind hers’ I mean what sort of question is:

” Have you ever hit someone or been aggressive ” ?

Bear was right to be upset at this line of questioning and fair play to him he give her the time of day and was honest and up front with her. And then for her to later turn round and say she felt threatened by him and was worried about her safety…….



Give me a feckin break – the woman is as mad as a box of frogs and if you needed more proof   – look how she reacted when Heavy D ( he’s an annoying git) and Lewis ( my mum likes Lewis) tried talking some sense into her at the dinning table. She spit  her dummy out and accused them all of being aggressive – when she was the only one being…ahem… aggressive and took herself off to the bedroom and had a mini meltdown that lasted just long enough for her to insult Marnie and ignore Heavy D’s awkward , fumbling apology ( she’s not the hugging type D – so don’t bother) .

Heavy D

Or should I say she ain’t going to hug you big fella as she probably feels threatened by you – you big cuddly monster ( my cat likes Heavy D – I can tell)

Delilah – What a face!

Anyways I could go on  and waffle some more and I do have much more to say , but the wife is calling me and has been for the last 2o minutes and its got to the stage I can’t ignore her anymore unless I want to suffer so I’m signing off for now.

But I’ll be back……..



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