Big Brother’s Steph’s latest melt down

This series of Big Brother is turning out to be the most entertaining in years and I hardly have time to digest one unfolding drama before the next one kicks off. Half the housemates seem to have gone insane and the remainder are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder ,  as they watch  their fellow housemates stumble from one melt down to the next.

Tonight Angie Bowie was the first to show signs of cracking and charged into the daily room and demanded her passport and a car to take her to who knows where. Was she going straight to the airport and hopping back over the pond perhaps?

It was telling that one of the first comments she made to Big Brother was ” she didn’t care about the money” , when she clearly did care about the money as she miraculously changed her mind and as of writing this she is still in the house.

I have often pondered what Big Brother says to these exploding “stars” as they are on the brink of throwing the towel in and walking away from the BB house.


Money is obviously a factor and I understand that if they leave early or are removed from the house for unacceptable behaviour , then as per their contracts their fee is subject to penalties or in serve cases withheld.

But  wouldn’t it  be nice to be a fly on the wall and see  exactly how  Big Brother dealt with celebrity tantrums and manages to defuse an exploding ego.

Angie eventually calm down and surprisingly (not) opted to remain in the house and BB rewarded her with a sleeping pass and this seemed to satisfy  all parties.

Meanwhile David Gest is being paid £600,000 to make occasional guest appearances in the main house. He seems to spend more time in the bb guest bedroom and never seems to be involved in anything of any interest. He is reportedly the highest paid housemate ever and to be honest if I was BB I would ask for a refund.

Come on David earn your money and entertain us!

Meanwhile Stephanie’s  love triangle dominated most of the rest of the show and she had melt down number five thousand and thirty two. For the umpteenth time she threatened to leave the house , but was ahem… talked round  again.

Jeremy seems to be playing her like a fiddle and although she is very annoying and obviously deranged I do feel sorry for her and the boyfriend she may or may not have when she leaves the house. Her meltdown tonight was up  there with the best of them and Gemma Collin’s was on the receiving end of her hysterical outburst. When she stormed into thee dairy room and demanded to leave I didn’t think for a second that she would walk. And strangely not because of the money ( like most ) but because of her fatal attraction to Jeremy and the thought of leaving him is something she could never face.

Also whilst in the dairy room she  managed to insult and probably alienate every reality TV star in the  UK and perhaps further afield. The poor girl had lost it and watching her tonight I felt that she was her own worst enemy.

I know she’ is bang out of order and has thrown herself at Jeremy heart and soul, but she is obviously a young women with bigger issues and seems unstable and emotional damaged and I can’t help but feel for her.

I just hopes she survives Big Brother and is able to deal with the fall out that will  surely come.

Jeremy  is a slimey dog and he should be ashamed of the way he is/has treated her.

Anyways Big Brother give her some space to cool down and placed her in solitary confinement , booth for her own good and to stop her from tearing Gemma Collins to pieties , although if they did have a fight my money would be on Gemma.

Unfortunately solitary confinement was the last thing she needed and the show ended with her ranting and raving like a deranged and on the brink of a complete melt down.

I hope Big Brother are proud of the way they have treated this fragile girl’s public meltdown ( which BB orchestrated )  and they give her the support she will need when she leaves the house – for good

Keep up the good work Big Brother.





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