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The ISIS Hostage – One Man’s True Story of 13 Months in Captivity

 The ISIS Hostage

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One Man’s True Story of 13 Months in Captivity

This is one of  the most horrifying and disturbing  books I have ever read and the fact the Daniel survived his captivity and  the constant physical and mental torture at the hands of these barbaric ISIS terrorists –  is testimony to the depths of suffering man can endure when faced with almost insurmountable  odds and utter despair .

The book gives a brutal insight into the barbaric and inhumane cruelty of ISIS’s merchants of death and exposes the psychopathic   wickedness of the British IS  cell known as “The Beatles “ and their total disregard for the safety and welfare of those they were holding in captivity. All released hostages stated that these Monsters were the most brutal and harsh IS members  whose job was to guard them and Jihadi John inflicted the worse misery and cruelty on those he watched over.

Jihadi John.jpg

Jihadi John

Thankfully Karma has now  caught up with this B*****d and he is now burning in the eternal flames of hell!

See The Beatles Terrorist Cell


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Four of the freed hostages – Federico, Daniel, Pierre and Didier


The ISIS Hostage

In May 2013, freelance photographer Daniel Rye was captured in Syria and held prisoner by Islamic State for thirteen months, along with eighteen other hostages. The ISIS Hostage tells the dramatic and heart-breaking story of Daniel’s ordeal and details the misery inflicted upon him by the British guards, which included Jihadi John.

This tense and riveting account also follows Daniel’s family and the nerve-wracking negotiations with his kidnappers. It traces their horrifying journey through impossible dilemmas and offers a rare glimpse into the secret world of the investigation launched to locate and free not only Daniel, but also the American journalist and fellow hostage James Foley.

Written with Daniel’s full cooperation and based on interviews with former fellow prisoners, jihadists and key figures who worked behind the scenes to secure his release, The ISIS Hostage reveals for the first time the torment suffered by the captives and tells a moving and terrifying story of friendship, torture and survival.



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ISIS Hostages

Foreigners held  captive with Daniel by ISIS and their fate

Name :  Daniel Rye

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Whilst in Captivity


Nationality: Danish

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Occupation: Photographer

Kidnapped:17th May 2013

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Proof of Life Photo

Outcome: Ransom paid

Released 19th June 2014

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Name :Didier Francois

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Nationality: French

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Occupation: Journalist

Kidnapped: 6th June 2013

Outcome: Ransom  Paid

Released 19th April 2014

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Name : Edouard Elias

Image result for edouard elias interview

Nationality: French

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Occupation: Photographer

Kidnapped: 6th June 2013

Outcome: Ransom Paid

Released 19th April 2014

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Name : James Foley

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Nationality: American

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Occupation: Journalist

Kidnapped: 22md November 2012

Outcome: Killed 19th August 2014

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See Here for more details on James Foley


Name :John Cantlie

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Nationality:  British

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Occupation: Journalist

Kidnapped: 22nd November 2012

Outcome: Still in Captivity

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See Here for more details on John Cantlie


Name :Nicolas Henin

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Nationality: French

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Occupation: Journalist

Kidnapped: 22nnd June 2013

Outcome: Released 19th April 2014

Ransom rumoured to have been paid

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Name :Pierre Torres

Image result for pierre torres

Nationality: French

Image result for french flag

Occupation: Journalist

Kidnapped:22nd June 2013

Outcome: Released 19th April 2014

Ransom rumoured to have been paid

Image result for Pierre Torres released


Name :David Haines

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Nationality: British

Image result for british flag

Occupation: Aid Worker

Kidnapped: 12th March 2013

Outcome: Killed September 13th 2014

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See Here for more details on David Haines


Name :Federico Motka 

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Nationality: Italian

Flag of Italy.svg

Occupation: Aid Worker

Kidnapped: 12th March 2013

Outcome: Released 26th May 2014

Ransom rumoured to have been paid

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Name :Steven Sotloff

Related image

Nationality: American

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Occupation: Journalist

Kidnapped: 4th August 2013

Outcome: Killed 31st August 2014

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See Here for more details on Steven Sotloff


Name :Javier Espinosa

Former hostage Javier Espinosa

Nationality: Spanish

Image result for spanish flag

Occupation: Journalist

Kidnapped:16th September  2013

Outcome: Released 30th  March 2014

Ransom Paid


Name : Marc Marginedas

Image result for Marc Marginedas

Nationality: Spanish

Image result for spanish flag

Occupation: Journalist

Kidnapped:4th September  2013

Outcome: Released 25th February 2014

Ransom rumoured to have been paid



Name : Peter Kassig

Image result for Peter Kassig

Nationality: American

Image result for american flag

Occupation: Aid Worker

Kidnapped:1st October 2013

Outcome: Killed 16th November 2014

Image result for abdul rahman kassig

See Here for more details on Peter Kassig


Name : Ricardo Vilanova


Nationality: Spanish

Image result for spanish flag

Occupation: Photographer

Kidnapped: 16th September 2013

Outcome: Released 30th March 2014

Ransom rumoured to have been paid


Name : Toni Neukirch

Nationality: German

Image result for german flag

Occupation: Aid Worker

Kidnapped: Date Unknown

Outcome: Released 19th June 2014

Ransom rumoured to have been paid


Name :Alan Henning

Image result for Alan Henning

Nationality: British

Image result for british flag

Occupation: Aid Worker

Kidnapped: 26th December 2013

Outcome: Killed 3rd October 2014

Image result for Alan Henning

See Here for more details on Alan Henning


Name : Sergey Gorbunov


Nationality: Russian

Image result for russian flag 2014

Occupation: Unknown

Kidnapped: Date Unknown

Outcome: Killed  March 2014


Name :Kayla Mueller


Nationality: American

Image result for american flag

Occupation: Aid Worker

Kidnapped: 4th August 2013

Outcome: Killed 6th February 2015

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See here for more details on Kayla Mueller


Name : Dan

Nationality: Danish

Image result for danish flag

Occupation: Aid  Worker

Kidnapped: 2nd January 2014

Outcome: 14th May 2014

Ransom Paid


Name : Three Unknown Women

Nationality: Unknown

Occupation: Aid Workers

Kidnapped: 2nd January 2014

Outcome: 14th Mamie 2014

See Why ISIS Hostages Are So Calm Before Their Execution

See Fate of ISIS hostages for more details

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ISIS Freak Show -The Bulldozer & Jihad ” Little ” John

The Bulldozer & Jihad ” Little John “

The Bulldozer

little john
Jihad ” Little John “


ISIS executioner ‘The Bulldozer of Fallujah’ cuts hand and foot off teen boy


HE weighs more than 200kg. Big belly. Big arms. Big reputation


Over his shoulder he carries a weapon so large it’s normally mounted to a vehicle before it can be fired. On his face he wears a mask to conceal his identity — but he is unmistakable.

People know him as “The Bulldozer of Fallujah” and he’s the world’s most feared terror group’s biggest weapon. Until this week, the unnamed member of Islamic State tried to blend into the background. His exploits are now front and centre after his treatment of a 14-year-old boy named Omar.

The new member of the terror group’s feared “chopping committee” is no jolly fat man.

The mammoth Iraqi – who was first photographed toting a 52kg anti-aircraft gun meant for TANKS – has appeared slicing up children in a sick new series of videos.

He can be seen jumping – raising his humungous bulk off the ground – to get his full weight behind his deadly sabre.

Images have emerged of The Bulldozer surrounded by headless corpses after a flurry of beheadings.

Omar was in Syria fighting with the Free Syrian Army when things went terribly wrong.He was running ammunition and food to fighters made up of defected Syrian Armed Forces officers and everyday civilians.

Islamic State moved in on Deir Ezzor province, according to Channel 4, and Omar was captured. He was transferred to the Iraqi city of Mosul and offered a chance at freedom. The cost? Joining the death cult. When Omar refused, they decided to teach him a lesson

On Omar’s phone are pictures of The Bulldozer. There are also pictures of his own cut-off hand and foot.

In an interview with Channel 4, the teen, whose name has been changed, told a story that haunts him and has left him so devastated he has “given up on life”.

“I was strung up and tortured for a month and a half,” the teen said. “They were saying ‘Why don’t you pledge allegiance to Islamic State? Why don’t you fight against the non-Muslims with us?’ But they are slaughtering Muslims.”

He said IS made a show out of torturing him. The show would turn bloody and change his life forever when The Bulldozer moved in.

“They gathered the people, they tied down my hand and my leg, they put my hand on a wooden block and cut it off with a butcher’s knife,” Omar told Channel 4.

bulldozer-islamic-arm cut off

“Then they cut off my foot and put them both in front of me for me to see.”

Months later, hobbling around his home with bandages covering the ends of his limbs, Omar says he has lost all hope.

“I have given up on life.”

The 20st BEAST is known as “The Bulldozer of Fallujah” – and he is fast gaining as fearsome a reputation as Jihadi John.

Like the infamous Brit, The Bulldozer beheads his quivering victims on camera in cold blood.

And like the barbaric “Beatle” – real name Mohammed Emwazi – The Bulldozer hides his identity behind a mask.

But whereas Emwazi used a knife to decapitate Isis’s hostages – the new Mr Big uses an almighty sword

The Bulldozer

See  Daily Star for full story

The good guys have their own big names, none bigger than the “Father of the Archangel of Death”.

See Angel of Death

The former Iraqi soldier’s real name is Abu Azrael. Dressed in black and armed with a machine gun, an axe and a sword, he presents an imposing figure. He even has his own Facebook page with more than 340,000 likes.

On the page, Azrael, also known as “Iraq’s Rambo”, is pictured smiling with other soldiers, lifting weights in a gym and shouldering a rocket launcher.

He is believed to have killed a number of Islamic State fighters in dozens of locations but also had experience fighting against US forces during the Iraq War.

It’s unlikely The Bulldozer and The Father of the Archangel of Death will ever meet, but it hasn’t stopped the internet from wishing they would.



Jihadi 'Little' John with his rocket launcher

DWARF SOLDIER: Move over Bulldozer, Jihadi ‘Little’ John is the next big ISIS terror

YOU’VE met the biggest extremist in Syria, now meet the smallest – the mini-militant dubbed Jihadi “Little” John.

Pics of the diddy diehard and his arsenal of terror, including AK47s and rocket launchers, have been doing the rounds on social media.

It comes after beheading victims in cold blood for the camera.

Jihadi 'Little' John and Vladimir Putin

Now news has emerged that terror warlords have another fearsome weapon amidst their ranks – a dwarf fighter.

The pint-sized extremist earned his nickname from Jihadi John, .

The wee warmonger has also been branded “Abu Ahmad Al-Chihuahua” by Beirut-based journalist Leith Abou Fadel, editor-in-chef of Al–Masdar news.

He speculated that Jihadi “Little” John was fighting with the al-Nusra front, al-Qaida’s pals in Syria – and warned “he bites”.

“I tried to find out more about him but the information was limited,” Abou Fadel said.

“All we know is that he is a member of the Syrian al-Qaida group Jabhat Al-Nusra.”

But some say he fights under an ISIS flag.

The three-foot fanatic is being lionised in the propaganda war against Russian hardman Vladimir Putin, who has been smashing Islamist targets in the country with a series of airstrikes.

Now the extremist could make short work of his Russian enemies

See Daily Star for full story

Despite  Social media  and certain Newspapers making light of this story it must always be remember that ISIS and other Islamic Extremist are no laughing matter and are a stain on humanity and need to be eradicated at all costs. The world has seen enough of their twisted ideology and would be a much richer place without them.


The Bulldozer of Fallujah Captured

The Bulldozer of Fallujah’  captured.png

Update 1st June 2016

Karma is collecting its debts

If reports are true and this vile , evil human has been captured then this another in a long line of high profile setbacks for Islamic State and their deluded followers. The crimes of this monster are beyond evil and he is drenched in the blood of the innocent and NEEDS to pay for his crimes against humanity and membership of the merchants  of death and destruction which is the Islamic State.


ISIS Giant Executioner (Bulldozer) Captured by Syrian Army


This dramatic footage appears to show the 20-stone ISIS executioner dubbed The Bulldozer being captured by the Syrian army.

The obese extremist, a member of the terror group’s so-called Chopping Committee, is seen lying half-naked in the back of a truck with his hands tied behind his back.

Crowds gather round to take pictures of the hulking jihadi, who appears to be grimacing, before he is driven off by Syrian Armed Forces in the footage posted online by Syrian sources.

See Daily Mail for full story

ISIS Executes 250 Women in Mosul for Refusing Sex Slavery

ISIS Executes 250 Women in Mosul for Refusing Sex Slavery



See Khansaa Brigade – ISIS ‘female ” Police “

Following the fall of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, at the hands of the ISIS, the militants started forcing women to a accept temporary marriage or sexual jihad (jihad al-nikah), under the pretext of implementing the Sharia, and the women face severe punishments if they refuse to submit.

Women Under Sharia Law – (Islamic Law) – CNN


See Sharia Law

A Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official from Mosul, Said Mamuzini, said that life is too hard for the women in Mosul due to the ISIS strict rules imposed on them. ISIS began selecting women of Mosul and forced them into marrying its militants calling it temporary marriage or sexual jihad (jihad al-nikah) since it has taken control over Mosul, and the women who refused to submit to this practice would be executed.

“At least 250 girls have so far been executed by IS for refusing to accept the practice of sexual jihad, and sometimes the families of the girls were also executed for rejecting to submit to IS’s request” he said.


Muslim opinions on Women


Ghayas Surchi, a PUK official from Mosul revealed that human rights are being widely violated in all IS-held territories, particularly the womens’ rights as they’re seen as commodities and they have no choice in choosing their spouses.

Surchi added that women are prohibited to go out alone in Mosul and they must be fully covered when they are in public. Girls and boys are also not allowed to see each other and talk, it is, therefore, hard for them to choose their soulmates.

However, there are dealers who secretly organise meetings between boys and girls and they charge a great deal of money.

IS militants took control of Mosul in June 2014, after the fall of Iraqi army in the city and since then it has been executing the residents of the city for various charges to spread fear and push the civilians to obey.


The Miserable Life American Muslim Women Face When They Marry Muslim Men From Abroad


ISIS executes dozens of its own fighters

As international forces  and local anti -ISIS fighters pile on the pressure ISIS is gradually losing control of its own members and cracks are beginning to unravel the Jihadi army of psychopathic killers and their deluded followers of Islam.

Desertion among their members has become such an issue that it carries a mandatory death sentence and according to local sources the majority of deserters are foreign and European fighters whom have become disillusioned  with the harsh conditions and religious  fanaticism.

In recent months/weeks many of Islamic States top commanders , generals and high profile foreign  fighters have been killed by international and local opposition actions and their area of control is diminishing almost daily.

Earlier this week  Abu Omar the Chechen , a leading member and beloved commander of the terrorist group had reportedly been killed and if this is true this will be another  major blow to the merchants of death and their twisted  ideology.

Omar al-Shishani's corpse with text

See Abu Omar the Chechen

In the past three days alone it has been reported that ISIS have executed approx.  100   of its member for refusing to fight , leaving the battle field and other derelictions of their duty.

Whatever the truth of these executions one thing is clear, hopefully the monster that is ISIS is beginning to  implode and is slowly devouring  itself from the inside out.

Karma always collects its debts and perhaps it is knocking on the door of these evil bastards and making them pay for their twisted and brutal crimes against humanity..


March 16th 2016

50 Executions

ISIS executes over 50 of its own fighters for trying to escape battlefront

Terrorist group of the ISIS has publicly executed dozens of its own militant fighters who fled the fighting fronts with Iraqi forces.

The militants were arrested after evacuating their fighting positions in ar-Rutba and Hit districts, west of Ramadi.

The ISIS fighters were detained and executed at the hands of fellow fighters in Mosul city of Iraq’s northwestern Nineveh province, local sources reported on Tuesday.

“Daesh military leadership in Mosul considered them as traitors and beheaded them in front of hundreds of people, including commanders and Sharia officials,” an eyewitness said using an acronym for ISIS.

“They were mostly Iraqi fighters who fought in ISIS ranks in Anbar province,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.


March 15th 2016

35 Executions

ISIS militants executes 35 members for refusing to fight against Iraqi army

An Iraqi security source in Nineveh Province announced on Sunday, that ISIS executed 35 of its militants for refusing to join the battle against the Iraqi forces on the outskirts of the city of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad).

The source said in a statement “ISIS executed 35 of its fighters, after refusing to join the combat axes on the outskirts of the city of Mosul.”

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, added, “ISIS carried out the execution by firing squad in the forest.”


March 14th 2016

21 Executions

ISIS executes 21 of its fighters in Mosul after fleeing from battles

A local source in Nineveh Province announced on Sunday, that the so-called ISIS executed 21 of its militants in the city of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad), after fleeing from the ongoing battles west of the province.

“Today, ISIS executed 21 of its fighters in the city of Mosul, after fleeing from the combat axes in Makhmour, Waski Mosul, Khazar, Nuran and Bashiqa,” pointing out that, “The executed fighters also refused to join the battles in these areas,” the source said.

The source, who asked anonymity, added, “The terrorist gang carried out the execution by firing squad in one of its camps in Mosul.”

See Abna24 for full story

Tareena Shakil -Justice Served!

Tareena Shakil jailed for six years for joining IS


Jihadi mother who took her toddler to join ISIS ‘is attention seeker who stole another woman’s husband’

  • Tareena Shakil is the first British woman to be convicted of joining ISIS  

  • The 26-year-old took her toddler to war-torn Syria using her student loan
  • Her husband’s former wife said Shakil threatened to petrol bomb her home 
  • The woman said Shakil enjoyed a party lifestyle and smoked cannabis
  • Claims the day they met she ‘didn’t see a single Muslim bone in her body’

A mother who took her toddler son to Syria has been jailed for six years for joining the so-called Islamic State.

Tareena Shakil, 26, is the first woman from the UK to return from the self-declared caliphate to be convicted of the offence.

Sentencing her, Mr Justice Inman said she had shown no remorse and had known her son’s future would ultimately be “as an IS fighter”.

He told Shakil: “You allowed him to be photographed next to an AK47.”


Shakil sent photographs of her son in Syria, including one image showing him sitting next to an AK-47 machinegun. The caption of the picture describes him as 'Abu Jihad al-Britani'

Shakil, from Birmingham, but formerly of Burton-upon-Trent in Staffordshire, admitted travelling to Syria but denied joining IS and encouraging acts of terrorism through messages posted on Twitter.

Passing sentence at Birmingham Crown Court, the judge said: “Most alarmingly you took your toddler son to Syria knowing how he would be used.

“You embraced your role in providing fighters of the future.”

Shakil posed the boy, who was 14 months old at the time, for pictures wearing an IS-branded balaclava, in what the judge described as one of the most “abhorrent” features of the case.


Tareena Shakil


Mr Justice Inman told Shakil she had “embraced Isis”, sending messages on the day she arrived in Syria saying she was not coming back to the UK, telling her family it was part of her faith to kill the murtadeen (apostates) and that she wanted to die a martyr.

He said it was clear she had been “radicalised” following online conversations with prominent members of the terrorist group.

Shakil, who was convicted on Friday, maintained she took her son to Syria, in October 2014, to escape an “unhappy family life”.

See BBC News for full story



Nissan Ibrahim -IS Executes Journalist Who Wrote About Life in Syrian City

Nissan Ibrahim

 (Ruqia Hassan )

She shone a light on the darkness  & evil of ISIS

Rest in Peace


ISIS kills young woman who dares to defy It


The Islamic State group has executed what is believed to be the first female citizen journalist for reporting inside its territory, Syrian activists reported.

Ruqia Hassan, 30, wrote about daily life in Raqqa, IS’s Syrian stronghold and the frequent target of coalition airstrikes against the group. Her frequent Facebook posts appeared under the pen name Nissan Ibrahim.

The exact date of Hassan’s execution is unknown, but her presence on social media stopped abruptly in July 2015.

News of her death was confirmed this week by Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), a group exposing human rights abuses from within Syria.

RBSS founder Abu Mohammed tweeted Hassan’s last known message:

“I’m in Raqqa and I received death threats, and when #ISIS [arrests] me and kills me it’s ok because they will cut my head and I have dignity its better than I live in humiliation with #ISIS.”

Hassan was an independent reporter who studied philosophy at Aleppo University and joined the opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government when the revolution began in Raqqa.

After IS entered the city, she refused to leave and began reporting on the human rights abuses occurring there.


Life in Raqqa


Raqqa woman secretly flims her life under ISIS rule.



Exclusive report: Raqqa’s Rebel, the Syrian woman who dared film life under the IS group



ISIS Militants Strap Bomb on 4 Year-Old Boy and Blow Him Up

ISIS Militants Strap Bomb on 4 Year-Old Boy and Blow Him Up after Killing the Child’s Father


ISIS strapped a bomb to a four year-old child and blew him up a week after executing the boy’s father in the Al-Shirqat district.

In yet another heinous crime committed by the ISIS terror organization, the group has blown up a four-year-old child just one week after executing the child’s father.

Speaking to Alsumaria News, a senior official in the Iraqi national organization the Popular Mobilization Forces, Jabar el-Maamouri, said ISIS exploded “a bomb that was attached to a four-year-old child through a remote-controlled device so that his organs would be blown apart. ISIS executed the boy’s father a week ago who they accused of participating in an attack on one their outposts a month ago that killed two ISIS gunmen.”

The killings took place in the Al-Shirqat district north of Salah ad Din province.

El-Maamouri called human rights organizations to “document the crimes of ISIS and to publicize the incident to the international community to condemn its funders and supporters with money and words.”

ISIS has controlled the Al-Shirqat district since June, 2014. The area is considered to be one of the organization’s strongholds.

Elsewhere in Iraq, a local source in Nineveh province who asked to remain anonymous told Alsumaria News that the ISIS wiped out a village after its residents rebelled against the group.

“ISIS executed dozens of civilians including old people, women and children in the village of Al-Choud in area of Al-Keraya (85 kilometers south of Nineveh),” he said. a week after executing the boys father.



Islamic State’s – Medieval Brutality in the 21st Century


Islamic State’s  medieval Brutality in the 21st century

It’s only right that the country should debate the consequences of the decision to step up our role in the mess that is Syria/Iraq and the insane actions  of IS and other global Islamic extremists.

Regardless of where you stand on the issues in question ( and there are many , both political and ethical ) spare a thought for the UK pilots ( and all pilots & other  personnel)  whom are now pawns in this new kind of war and will be flying over enemy territory as they take the fight to IS and their deluded followers.

How can anyone forget the brutal execution of Jordanian   pilot Muath Al-Kasasbeh , burnt alive in a cage after a demonic stage show that saw him make his past masked IS fighters lining the route to the cage that would be his final destination and brutal execution.


Anyone unfortunate enough to fall into the hands of IS should be in no doubt that they face a brutal and possible prolonged and excruciating death.

For IS are an enemy that love to shock and terrorise and they have no boundaries or humanity when dealing with captured enemies or those unfortunate enough to live under their savage rule.

For this is unlike any other war that has gone before and all normal rules of engagement are redundant against the mad men of IS and their twisted ideology.

Unfortunately the mercy of a bullet as a form of execution is seldom available to those facing  death at the hands of these Islamic demons.

Flight Lieutenant John Peters


Flight Lieutenant John Peters’

In previous wars prisoners had at least a chance of freedom and even Saddam Hussein exercised some caution when faced with international scrutiny and more or less treated his prisoners within the terms of the Geneva Conventions

His UK hostages and Pilots ( whom were abused)  were eventually released and returned the United Kingdom


The Geneva Conventions

The Geneva Conventions are a series of treaties on the treatment of civilians, prisoners of war (POWs) and soldiers who are otherwise rendered hors de combat, or incapable of fighting.

See Below for a Summary of the  Basic rules of international humanitarian law in armed conflicts


  The daily treatment and executions of innocent people in Raqqa and Mosul  are testament to ISIS,s total disregard for the sanctity of life and global opinion.

Their brutal beheadings and other forms of public executions have almost lost their power to shock and sadly these gruesome acts dominate News headlines and social media and the world has instant access to the almost daily sick propaganda of these murdering psychopathic madmen .

 Islamic State  practice medieval brutality in front of a shocked worldwide stage and all right minded people  have been shocked and outraged at the depths  of their inhuman cruelty

 Theirs is a war without rules or a political masters and the only outcome they expect is total victory or martyrdom. This is a new era in international terrorism and the world has to unite to destroy these mad men and their sick, twisted ideology.



Below is a brief summary of some of the most barbaric and medieval  executions that Islamic State have carried out. I have not included video’s or beheadings as it is not my aim to promote the acts of these mad men and to be honest I can’t watch people being killed in the most brutal fashion and sleep peacefully in my bed.

The few executions I have watched have hunted my soul  and I can’t get the images out of my mind for days and weeks afterwards. Even compiling this list made me feel physically sick , but I wanted to catalogue some of the insane actions of these psychopath’s that are a stain on humanity.


Death by  concrete blocks onto the head

ISIS carries out one of its worst executions yet, as murderers who bludgeoned women to death have their heads crushed with concrete blocks in horrific ‘eye for an eye’ punishment

is cconcret death

Shocking pictures show the militants hurling the concrete blocks onto the heads of the accused


is cconcret death 2

The execution is known as a qisas punishment – ‘eye for an eye’ retribution

  • Shocking pictures show militants hurling blocks onto the prisoners’ heads
  • The brutal punishment was carried out in Nineveh province in Iraq
  • The men had been arrested by Islamic police for killing three women

See Daily Mail for full story


Death by being run over by a tank

The self-proclaimed Islamic State militants released new video footage on Saturday purportedly showing a Syrian army soldier in Homs being run over by a tank and executed.

See ABNA24 for full  story  ABN24


Thrown off Tower Block for being Gay

A man has reportedly been blindfolded and thrown off a tower block in Syria for ‘being gay’ before being stoned to death after surviving the fall.

ISIS Throws Man Off Tower Block

Full Story Nigeriane News Watch


Death by drowning  in a cage

TERROR group ISIS has released new footage that appears to show prisoners being lowered in a cage into a swimming pool and left to drown.

Full Story Before its News


Death by Bombing

Ten prisoners made to kneel above bombs that have been buried in the ground

Full Story Daily Mail


Death by bombs on the necks

IS killers strapped a string of bombs around the necks of a line of prisoners – then blew them up!

Full Story The Gateway


Death by Crucifixion

Islamic extremists have publicly crucified two Syrian rebels in northeastern Syria in revenge for a grenade attack on members of their group.

Punishment: Two men in Raqqa, Syria, were crucified this April for allegedly killing an Isis fighter

Brutal: The images, which could not be independently verified, appear to demonstrate Isis's uncompromising brand of hardline Islamist justice

Full Story Daily Mail


The Geneva Conventions

The Geneva Conventions are a series of treaties on the treatment of civilians, prisoners of war (POWs) and soldiers who are otherwise rendered hors de combat, or incapable of fighting.

 A Summary of the  Basic rules of international humanitarian law in armed conflicts


  1. Persons hors de combat and those who do not take a direct part in hostilities are entitled to respect for


lives and their moral and physical integrity. They shall in all circumstances be protected and treated


without any adverse distinction.

  1. It is forbidden to kill or injure an enemy who surrenders or who is hors de combat.
  2. The wounded and sick shall be collected and cared for by the party to the conflict which has them in its


Protection also covers medical personnel, establishments, transports and equipment. The emblem of the red

cross or the red crescent is the sign of such protection and must be respected.

  1. Captured combatants and civilians under the authority of an adverse party are entitled to respect for their

lives,dignity, personal rights and convictions. They shall be protected against all acts of violence and

reprisals. They shall have the right to correspond with their families and to receive relief.

  1. Everyone shall be entitled to benefit from fundamental judicial guarantees. No one shall be held

responsible for an act he has not committed. No one shall be subjected to physical or mental torture,

corporal punishment or cruel or degrading treatment.

  1. Parties to a conflict and members of their armed forces do not have an unlimited choice of methods and

means of warfare. It is prohibited to employ weapons or methods of warfare of a nature to cause

unnecessary losses or excessive suffering.

  1. Parties to a conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants in order


spare civilian population and property. Neither the civilian population as such nor civilian persons shall be


object of attack. Attacks shall be directed solely against military objectives.


What’s in a name – ISIS or Daesh – Who Cares ?

What’s in a name – ISIS or Daesh – Who Cares ?


 I believe in calling a spade a  spade and therefore as ISIS or Daesh are murdering scum why not address them as such.

The Arabic for Murdering B******s is  قتل أوغاد , which loosely translates to ” Killing villains ”


What’s in a name? When it comes to how to refer to the extremist group that has terrorized Syria and northern Iraq and violently imposed a caliphate, a lot

You may have noticed over recent days and weeks more and more commentators and politicians are referring to ISIS as Daesh  and there is increasing pressure to stop calling ISIS by their  preferred  name “Islamic State , on the grounds that it grants them an element of legitimacy.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a bit of a misnomer, as it lends the imprimatur of Islam to a group that the vast majority of Muslims finds despicable.

“This is a terrorist group and not a state. I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims, and Islamists,”

France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in a statement. “The Arabs call it ‘Daesh’ and I will be calling them the ‘Daesh cutthroats.'”

The name Daesh, according to France24, is a “loose acronym” for “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham). The name is commonly used by enemies of ISIS, and it also has many negative undertones, as Daesh sounds similar to the Arabic words Daes (“one who crushes something underfoot”) and Dahes (“one who sows discord”). Samantha Rollins


Downing Street announced on Wednesday that David Cameron and other Government ministers would start referring to the militant group known as “Isis” as “Daesh”.

In June David Cameron asked the BBC to stop using the term “Islamic State” and started using “Isil”.

Now it’s all change again. Here’s all you need to know about the term.

What does ‘Daesh’ mean?

“Daesh” is another name for the militant group which calls itself “Islamic State” which is often referred to in the media by its historic names Isis or Isil.

Where does the term ‘Daesh’ come from?

“Daesh”, sometimes spelled Daiish or Da’esh, it an acronym for “Dawlat al-Islamiyah f’al-Iraq wa al-Sham” – or in its Arabaic script form, الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام‎.

That phrase is the Arabic for “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant”. “al-Sham” refers to Greater Syria, an area referred to in English as “the Levant”.

Who uses the term ‘Daesh’?

The French government has been referring to Isis as “Daesh” for some time. Since September 2014 it has been official French policy to use “Daesh” to refer to the group. The country’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius also asked journalists to use the phrase.

The term is the most widely used in Arab countries to refer to the group. In a speech at the weekend US secretary of state John Kerry used the term, possibly signalling a change in US policy.

What is the politics like around the different names?

Daesh, when spoken, sounds similar to the Arabic words for “the sowers of dischord” (Dahes) or “one who crushes underfoot” (Daes). It thus has negative connotations.

Islamic State, which the group changed its name to most recently, is an attempt by Isis to identify itself with the wider religion of Islam.

It is also supposed to make it sound more international than Isis or Isil, which refer to specific geographic areas.

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British ISIS woman Sally Jones threatens to blow herself up

Sally Jones, who left the UK to join the extremist group of ISIS, has threatened to blow herself up after her husband was killed in a drone strike in Syria’s Raqqa.

Jones, 47, is a former punk rocker, originally from Kent. She has converted to Islam and has been radicalized recently through direct contact with terrorist groups online.

Quoting a Muslim extremist woman who killed herself along with scores of Russian soldiers in a truck bombing in 2000, Jones has expressed herself on the social media that she could be about to become a “black widow” suicide bomber.

The term “Black Widows” refers to a group of Chechen Muslim women whose husbands were killed by the Russian forces in Chechnya.

She moved to Syria with her 10-year-old son in 2013 and joined ISIS after being brainwashed.

“I know what I’m doing. Paradise has a price and I hope this will be the price for Paradise,” Jones tweeted. If she carried out her threat, she would be ISIS’s first widely known female suicide bomber.

Her husband Junaid Hussain, 21, was a cyber-hacker and a key propagandist and recruiter for the ISIS terror group. He was killed in an airstrike in Raqqa, the major bastion of ISIS in Syria.

Jones has been following her husband’s path, recruiting young men and women to join ISIS’s ranks.

“I would never love anyone but him,” the extremist widow said on Tweeter, referring to her dead husband, though the group’s leadership prevents widows from staying a long time without husbands, according to ISIS-linked sources.

Jones’s message came after her husband found killed in an airstrike on Raqqa last August.

see Sally Anne Jones