Islamic State’s – Medieval Brutality in the 21st Century


Islamic State’s  medieval Brutality in the 21st century

It’s only right that the country should debate the consequences of the decision to step up our role in the mess that is Syria/Iraq and the insane actions  of IS and other global Islamic extremists.

Regardless of where you stand on the issues in question ( and there are many , both political and ethical ) spare a thought for the UK pilots ( and all pilots & other  personnel)  whom are now pawns in this new kind of war and will be flying over enemy territory as they take the fight to IS and their deluded followers.

How can anyone forget the brutal execution of Jordanian   pilot Muath Al-Kasasbeh , burnt alive in a cage after a demonic stage show that saw him make his past masked IS fighters lining the route to the cage that would be his final destination and brutal execution.


Anyone unfortunate enough to fall into the hands of IS should be in no doubt that they face a brutal and possible prolonged and excruciating death.

For IS are an enemy that love to shock and terrorise and they have no boundaries or humanity when dealing with captured enemies or those unfortunate enough to live under their savage rule.

For this is unlike any other war that has gone before and all normal rules of engagement are redundant against the mad men of IS and their twisted ideology.

Unfortunately the mercy of a bullet as a form of execution is seldom available to those facing  death at the hands of these Islamic demons.

Flight Lieutenant John Peters


Flight Lieutenant John Peters’

In previous wars prisoners had at least a chance of freedom and even Saddam Hussein exercised some caution when faced with international scrutiny and more or less treated his prisoners within the terms of the Geneva Conventions

His UK hostages and Pilots ( whom were abused)  were eventually released and returned the United Kingdom


The Geneva Conventions

The Geneva Conventions are a series of treaties on the treatment of civilians, prisoners of war (POWs) and soldiers who are otherwise rendered hors de combat, or incapable of fighting.

See Below for a Summary of the  Basic rules of international humanitarian law in armed conflicts


  The daily treatment and executions of innocent people in Raqqa and Mosul  are testament to ISIS,s total disregard for the sanctity of life and global opinion.

Their brutal beheadings and other forms of public executions have almost lost their power to shock and sadly these gruesome acts dominate News headlines and social media and the world has instant access to the almost daily sick propaganda of these murdering psychopathic madmen .

 Islamic State  practice medieval brutality in front of a shocked worldwide stage and all right minded people  have been shocked and outraged at the depths  of their inhuman cruelty

 Theirs is a war without rules or a political masters and the only outcome they expect is total victory or martyrdom. This is a new era in international terrorism and the world has to unite to destroy these mad men and their sick, twisted ideology.



Below is a brief summary of some of the most barbaric and medieval  executions that Islamic State have carried out. I have not included video’s or beheadings as it is not my aim to promote the acts of these mad men and to be honest I can’t watch people being killed in the most brutal fashion and sleep peacefully in my bed.

The few executions I have watched have hunted my soul  and I can’t get the images out of my mind for days and weeks afterwards. Even compiling this list made me feel physically sick , but I wanted to catalogue some of the insane actions of these psychopath’s that are a stain on humanity.


Death by  concrete blocks onto the head

ISIS carries out one of its worst executions yet, as murderers who bludgeoned women to death have their heads crushed with concrete blocks in horrific ‘eye for an eye’ punishment

is cconcret death

Shocking pictures show the militants hurling the concrete blocks onto the heads of the accused


is cconcret death 2

The execution is known as a qisas punishment – ‘eye for an eye’ retribution

  • Shocking pictures show militants hurling blocks onto the prisoners’ heads
  • The brutal punishment was carried out in Nineveh province in Iraq
  • The men had been arrested by Islamic police for killing three women

See Daily Mail for full story


Death by being run over by a tank

The self-proclaimed Islamic State militants released new video footage on Saturday purportedly showing a Syrian army soldier in Homs being run over by a tank and executed.

See ABNA24 for full  story  ABN24


Thrown off Tower Block for being Gay

A man has reportedly been blindfolded and thrown off a tower block in Syria for ‘being gay’ before being stoned to death after surviving the fall.

ISIS Throws Man Off Tower Block

Full Story Nigeriane News Watch


Death by drowning  in a cage

TERROR group ISIS has released new footage that appears to show prisoners being lowered in a cage into a swimming pool and left to drown.

Full Story Before its News


Death by Bombing

Ten prisoners made to kneel above bombs that have been buried in the ground

Full Story Daily Mail


Death by bombs on the necks

IS killers strapped a string of bombs around the necks of a line of prisoners – then blew them up!

Full Story The Gateway


Death by Crucifixion

Islamic extremists have publicly crucified two Syrian rebels in northeastern Syria in revenge for a grenade attack on members of their group.

Punishment: Two men in Raqqa, Syria, were crucified this April for allegedly killing an Isis fighter

Brutal: The images, which could not be independently verified, appear to demonstrate Isis's uncompromising brand of hardline Islamist justice

Full Story Daily Mail


The Geneva Conventions

The Geneva Conventions are a series of treaties on the treatment of civilians, prisoners of war (POWs) and soldiers who are otherwise rendered hors de combat, or incapable of fighting.

 A Summary of the  Basic rules of international humanitarian law in armed conflicts


  1. Persons hors de combat and those who do not take a direct part in hostilities are entitled to respect for


lives and their moral and physical integrity. They shall in all circumstances be protected and treated


without any adverse distinction.

  1. It is forbidden to kill or injure an enemy who surrenders or who is hors de combat.
  2. The wounded and sick shall be collected and cared for by the party to the conflict which has them in its


Protection also covers medical personnel, establishments, transports and equipment. The emblem of the red

cross or the red crescent is the sign of such protection and must be respected.

  1. Captured combatants and civilians under the authority of an adverse party are entitled to respect for their

lives,dignity, personal rights and convictions. They shall be protected against all acts of violence and

reprisals. They shall have the right to correspond with their families and to receive relief.

  1. Everyone shall be entitled to benefit from fundamental judicial guarantees. No one shall be held

responsible for an act he has not committed. No one shall be subjected to physical or mental torture,

corporal punishment or cruel or degrading treatment.

  1. Parties to a conflict and members of their armed forces do not have an unlimited choice of methods and

means of warfare. It is prohibited to employ weapons or methods of warfare of a nature to cause

unnecessary losses or excessive suffering.

  1. Parties to a conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants in order


spare civilian population and property. Neither the civilian population as such nor civilian persons shall be


object of attack. Attacks shall be directed solely against military objectives.


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