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Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Eurovision 2017


Right then , the wife is in the kitchen cooking  a beautiful authentic chicken curry (wish you could smell it!) and the kids are busy or otherwise engaged. So I have challenged myself to watch the WHOLE of Eurovision  2017.

a beer.png


I know what your thinking ,  Gez – get a life , sad git – but I’ve been busy all week and am now going to chill on the sofa , cold beer in hand and watch the show.

Plus the show reminds me of a younger age when life was less cluttered , more complete and I could enjoy the simple things in life and have no worries – nobody said life would be easy.


Wish me luck!




Masterchef 2017 – A Dirty Doner Kebab & Cold Beer

Masterchef Final



masterchef 2017 beer & kebab 2 with final

Is it wrong that I sat transfixed on the edge of my seat ( Steve messed up ) watching  the final of Masterchef 2017  –  whilst eating a dirty (Large) doner kebab & drinking a cold beer?

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The funny thing is until about 2 – 3 weeks ago I avoided kebabs of any description and even the smell of them made me feel like gagging. I don’t recall where or when this dislike of the humble kebab originated , but as a youth after a hard nights/weekend drinking the best and only thing to fill a hungry was a kebab – at least in the circles I moved in.

a kebab.jpg

Somewhere on my journey through life I give-up on kebab’s and haven’t had one in about 10 – 15 years. Anyways A few weeks ago I got a random , mad craving for a kebab and had to have one and it was the best tasting , mouth watering takeaway meal I have ever eaten. It was that good that I ordered the same for the past few weeks in a row. Saves cooking & washing up – I assure the wife!

When I first moved to London at 18 , me and my mates would often party all night long (sometimes for days on end) and when hungry finally called us we use to go to this Kebab shop in Piccadilly.

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The old guy there used proper bits of lamb meat on the skew and these were the best kebabs I have ever eaten until this day. I’m going back 25 years here – long before kebabs where a takeaway favourite and pizza were king.

Anyways I’m waffling now , but I really enjoyed that kebab ( stop talking about kebabs) and am going to bed because my heads starting to spin – How did that happen?

Image result for winner of masterchef 2017

It was a cracking final tonight and I knew one of the ladies would win – either Saliha  or Giovanna – poor Steve had a terrible day at the office – after so many good rounds. But such is life

Well Done Saliha – You earned it

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Saliha Mahmood- Ahmed

Guess Where I’m going ? And I got a banging hang-over Grrrrrrrr



Well Son’s week long Birthday celebrations comes to a close today with a visit to the local Park and the visiting Circus.


I did a quick check online and came across this short clip of “A” Canadian Circus & if these are the right guys it might just be fun –

– providing I can shake off this niggling little hang-over that is following me around this morning. Grrrrrrr –



I Can’t Sleep……..




Image result for a peaceful night sleep

Sleep sleep sleep , oh what I would give for a good night’s sleep.

It’s almost four thirty in the morning and I am sat here wide awake and not the slightest bit tired. Although I am extremely tired of my shit life and the total lack of substance and satisfaction I am enjoying at the mo.

So I thought I would say hello and mess about on my computer for a while and seeing that the wife’s bingo was running in the background I thought I would play some games and as luck would have it I’ve just won £65.00 quid, although as its in her account I’ll not be seeing any of it and no doubt won’t even get a thank you.

Well she is pissed off – I’ve kept her awake most of the night.

I know what you’re thinking bingo? But I hate horse racing and anyways I couldn’t pick a winner if it was a one horse race.

I kid you not, but last Grand National (and the five before that) I placed about 10 bets on ten different horses, all each way and you know what? I didn’t win a penny, zilch!

Image result for horse racing funny

I must be the only Irish man on the planet who doesn’t have a natural affinity with horses and an in depth knowledge of the in’s and out’s of each and every horse that was ever born and run a race and I’m not on  first named terms with the local bookie, who considers all Irish men as his best friends – until the money runs dry.


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My sleeps been all over the place for the past few weeks now and it’s getting me down. I stopped smoking on the 1st Jan (after thirty years of between 30 – 40 a day) and I’m using those Nicorette inhalators and apparently they can affect your sleep pattern and also giving up smoking can also play havoc with your natural equilibrium – according to the INTERNET!

But also I have many things going on at the minute that are stressing me out and to be honest my heads all over the place and I think I may be suffering from mild depression , brought on by a multitude of things that only I can change and/or deal with , but I just can’t seem to get to grip with it and burying my head in the sands has unsurprisingly achieved nothing thus far.

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I know I need to face my shit head on and nothings gonna change until I man up and sort my life out once and for all. You may be wondering what the hell is going on with him? What’s so bad? And to be honest my tiny problems are so insignificant when I look around me and see what others are going through and the terrible suffering around the world and yet in my world the little things seem to be almost paralysing my ability to function properly and move forward…….

Ok, this train of thought is not making me feel any better , so I’m gonna try and sneak into bed ( without waking the wife) and get some sleep. Next time I write I’ll maybe go into more details about what’s making me so blue and I’m sorry for being so miserable and down , but I’m having an off day and we have those from time to time.

I promise tomorrow I’ll pick myself up .

Because as the saying goes “ Tomorrow is another day”

Nite nite

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