Grrr… Guess where I’ll be during the Royal Wedding in May ?

Guess where I’ll be during the Royal Wedding?


I’m fecking raging & I HATE WWE

The things we do for our children.

As a proud Protestant, Loyalist  die hard Royalist I love our Queen ( long may she reign) and senior members of the Royal family and I wear my British citizenship like a badge of honour for all the world to see.


Growing up in Loyalist Belfast the Queen was the mother of our nation and as a child  I greeted the Queen every single morning whilst eating breakfast as she watched over me from pride of place above my grannies fireplace , alongside King Billy of course.

In fact we were such royalists that when the BBC use to end the night with the  National Anthem  we would all stand and salute our majesty and most clubs and pubs in loyalist Northern Ireland  ended the night with The Queen and god help you if you didn’t show proper respect. They still do.

Anyways I digress ,my 10 year old son  like millions of other kids around the globe  , is obsessed with WWE and spends ever spare moment watching it, reenacting it and boring me senseless with facts and figures about  his favorite WWE Superstars .


But being a good father and trying to make sure he has the best childhood possible (mine was a living nightmare) I indulge him and  am often waylaid into four or five hour marathon viewings of the greatest WWE fights ever….snzzzzzz….

Anyways we got him tickets for Xmas and the wife and I will be travelling with him to Sheffield on the 18th of May for a two day stay and I’m going to miss the Royal Wedding. Grrr……

me and the wife.PNG

Its the wife’s fault , I give her my card to book the tickets and told her to check and make sure it didn’t clash with anything , its the day after his SATs end and she got that part right , but she didn’t even consider the Royal Wedding & my Royalist Heart!.


When I was a kid these guys dominated the sport & I loved to cuddle up with my dad on a Saturday afternoon and watch them do  battle.

The good old days.

British wrestling Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks

Anyone got any suggestion for a good place to eat out in Sheffield


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