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Big Brothers fatal Attractions…..

Big Brothers fatal Attractions

Christian’s fatal attraction to Jasmine

Jasmine traps her man in Big Brother house

Day 6000 ( well 51 , but seems much longer) in the house and Christian and Jasmine’s kissing and groping excited and pleased the Big Brother team so much they decided to throw consistency out the window and extend Jasmine stay in the house (hotel) by an extra day.

All other guest were ruthlessly told to vacate their rooms by 10:00 and to be honest I was glad to see the back of them.

Especially that disgusting, creepy, smelly, gross, nauseating, vulgar John McCririck.

How’s does his poor wife live with such a vile human being, poor women.


Dexter proved to be such a boring guest that I had forgotten he was actually in the house until his departure and his only contribution was to praise Marc for being the best employee.

Did you see Wiki’s (Aisleyne ) & Danny’s face, priceless!

Jasmine on the other hand certainty earned her fee for her stay in the BB House (hotel) and I’m not ashamed to say my toes were curling something shocking as I watched her first entrap and then eat alive that spineless wimp Christian.

‘This could get out of control!’

Jasmine traps her man in Big Brother house

Jasmine proclaimed as she enjoyed a steamy bedtime clinch with the hapless Christian, after straddling him during Big Brother task and shamelessly milking her time in the house until the very last drop.

I knew more about her sexual habits within five minutes of her arriving in the house than I know about my wife’s, whom I have been married to for the past twenty odd years. Hmm, maybe that was too much information.

My Beautiful Wife
My Beautiful Wife

Seldom have I seen such a wanton desire for “air time” as Jasmine’s self promoting trip to the house and I’m sure she will be chuffed with the publicity her antics have generated.

After such a capital performance Big Brother will no doubt be calling on her again sometime in the near future. Perhaps her stay will now elevate her to the dizzy heights off becoming a bb “Legend”

Nick’s fatal attraction to Harry

Poor poor gormless Nick, his time in the house has been ruined by his fatal attraction to the “Toxic “Harry Amelia and I feel he will need some serious PST ( Post traumatic stress ) counselling on his release from the BB asylum .

He started off as a favourite to win the show and was plodding along nicely as the house’s most unlikely Lothario until “Cruella Deville’s” arrival and then it all went downhill fast.

It was obvious to me that she was unstable from the moment she entered the house and I watched with horror and fascination as poor Nick was drawn into her world of anger, rage and paranoia and was slowly but surely beaten into submission.

Some men probably pay her good money for that kind of thing, but poor Nick was on a freebie and was way out of his depth from the beginning.


“If I’m not gone on Friday I’m walking. We’re very different people. I’m the bitch that sees the bad [in people].”

Last night Nick’s had finally had enough and calls her toxic, saying:

“It’s hard to be around you when you’re like this. It’s just toxic. I don’t know how you can be that angry.”

Note to Nick: Nick you need to keep away from this demon and get back on track!!


 Jack’s (Pie Face) fatal attraction to food

I Love Pork Pies

Jack has finally cracked and the cause of his downfall was a…… croissant.

For god’s sake putting that tray of food in front of him and expecting him not to crack was akin to asking a priest to take your ten year old son on a camping trip and it passing without incident , not a safe bet and could only end in tears.

Jack has not really taken to his role as a hotel concierge and is becoming more grumpy and tedious as the days tick by. Had he been one of the hotel guest he would no doubt have enjoyed the task and the luxury of having food on tap and keeping the hotel’s cooks working flat out to satisfy his substantial appetite.

But alas he has been on basic rations and has finally reached boiling point.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was a bit of tomfoolery unleashed by Marc’s suggestion that they pretend to eat the croissant and this spectacularly backfired.

Believing he’d really eaten it, Joel and Chloe unleashed their anger. Jack’s response? Was to attack the croissant with blind fury and stuff his face with as much as possible, causing complete anarchy and one Almighty row.

I thought he was going to go over-the-wall at one stage, but thankfully he saved us from that unlikely outcome, as I’m sure he would have got himself stuck on top of the wall.

Cheer up Jack, stop being so grumpy and two-faced.

Danny  fatal attraction to Himself

I love Danny - Off Course

This Smug pretty boy is fast becoming my least favourite housemate ever and he’s continual abuse of Marc is becoming uncomfortable and infuriating to watch. Marc was having a bit of fun with James’s and off course Danny couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bitch about Marc and started slogging him off to James.

Grow up Danny and give Marc a chance, I mean what’s he ever done to you? And stop bleating on about him upsetting other housemates, it’s nothing to do with you and they are all big enough and ugly enough to look after themselves.


( Wiki) Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace’s  fatal attraction to her Wikipedia page

I love Wikipedia

Can hardly bring myself to write anything about this vulgar waste of space apart from stating Marc is worth ten thousand of you and we know what you’re up to!

Yesterday after she learnt from James & Dexter that Marc was popular outside and had lots of support she decided it was time to bury the hatchet and done a complete u-turn. She’s has obviously decided that it was in her best interest to befriend Marc and offered him a self promoting olive branch

Tickling her own ego and realising that Marc was like decide it was in her best interest to bury the hacket, Please don’t fall for it Marc, she a witch!