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ISIS Female Terrorist Executes Iraqi Woman by ‘Teeth’

ISIS terrorist group has once again shown its brutality nature after punishing a woman because of her neglecting to cover herself according to the Shariah Law.

She was free to choose one of these sentences: to cut her body skin or to bite her hand.

‘Mo’sam’ who was thinking that biting her hand could be less painful in comparison with another one let them to bite her hand.

An ISIS female terrorist, from Al-Khansaa Brigade, became known for eating the wrist of an Iraqi woman from Mosul, leading to her death.

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ISIS judge ordered ‘Balva’, an Asian female soldier of ISIS, to execute the sentence at the church of ‘Hai al-Nabi Jerjes’ in the center of Mosul, al-Hadath News reported.

ISIS bloodthirsty executioner, Balva, accepted this request and in public she sank her teeth into the meat of Mo’sam’s wrist, cut a part of his hand and swallowed it.

According to the reports, Mo’sam lost her life inside the church as a result of bleeding.