The Andy Rowe Show – My Interview

The Andy Rowe Show – My Interview

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Here’s my latest interview , as you can tell Im rather nervous and as a result I get a little muddled in some areas and stumble over some of the questions and answers as if I have no idea what Im speaking about.

This is simply the story of a boy trying to grow up, survive, thrive, have fun & discover himself against a backdrop of events that might best be described as ‘explosive’, captivating & shocking the world for thirty long years.

To order a copy follow this link


1 thought on “The Andy Rowe Show – My Interview

  1. Fgs someone else buy this book.. I’ve read it, lent it out and got it back “eventually” and I’m half way through it again… Brilliant book and a superb insight into how we used to live. “With the exception of going to England” 👍👍


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