What’s on my Mind ? Any Computer Experts out there?

I’ve been having a feckin nightmare with this laptop and am only now able to use it by the grace of the gods.

dulse seaweed

A few days ago it crashed and since then I have been unable to use it and its driving me bloody mad. On reflection I think I may have been suffering from Social Media blackout and I was going through the bends…I wonder.

Anyways I’v ran SFC Scannow , DISM and every other bloody utility that comes with Windows and is suppose to “SAVE” /repair the computer when things go south!!

When I reboot I keep getting a message saying the PC couldn’t start properly and they are gathering information. It then tries to fix the issue and the ” Automatic Repair screen kicks in and then it  keeps looping via this whole process.

its reports that a critical file is missing MSRPC.SY and I have tried everything to reinstate this bloody file.

Eventually I had to start the computer in “Safe” mode and after loading everything I couldn’t  even run the windowsmediainstallation thingy on the USB stick , because it tells me that “Windows 10 can’t be run on this computer.

So again I reboot and am able to boot to the installation thingy on the USB stick and it  gives me various options and I choose repair , then restore and it has two restore points (when I was in safe mode no restore points showed up) which I select one and the whole restore thingy kicks in and after a YEAR it completes and I am able get into Windows and use it, although many programs are not working properly. So I reboot  and it takes me right back to the first blue screen and I have to go through the whole dragged out process again, included the restore process.

I have decided that I hate this laptop & if it wasn’t for the colossal amount of pictures,files,web backup file ect on it , I would throw  out the window.

I also keep getting a message that a critical file is missing MSRPC.SYS or …

Sorry my brain is melting and I can’t write or think about this issue a movement longer. I’m going to walk away from the laptop and lay down for a bit.


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