Tunisia Attack -Thirty-eight innocent People Slaughtered inlcuding 30 British

Belfast Child

2015 Sousse attacks

Never Forgotten

Tunisia Terror Attack: New Footage Of Rampage


BBC Panorama – Terror on the Beach (2015)


Some of the Victims

Most were with friends, family, spouses or partners. Tributes have been paid.

:: Christopher And Sharon Bell

Christopher and Sharon Bell

The couple from Leeds were on holiday together in Sousse when they were killed, with their family saying they are “deeply saddened” by their deaths.

:: Patrick and Adrian Evans

Adrian Evans and Patrick Evans

Sandwell Council gas department worker Adrian Evans was killed along with his 78-year-old father, Patrick, and nephew Joel Richards.

:: Joel Richards

Joel Richards

A talented referee and footballer, the Birmingham County Football Association said the 19-year-old had “the world at his feet”.

:: Trudy Jones

Trudy Jones

Trudy Jones, a 51-year-old divorced single mother-of-four, had been on holiday with her friends.

:: Bruce Wilkinson


The 72-year-old was on holiday with his wife, Rita, when he was shot dead.

:: Lisa Burbidge

Lisa Burbidge

A regular…

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