Fools Paradise -Muslim Martyrs & 72 Virgins?

Belfast Child

Suicide is Forbidden

The-Holy-Quran-Stock-Photo resized.jpg

Although suicide is forbidden in Islam  the madmen of Islamic State and their deluded followers choose to ignore this founding concept of Islam  and they are masters at twisting and distorting the teachings of The Prophet Muhammad , to align with their own sick , twisted medieval interpretation of the Islamic Faith .

Most of the suicide bombers are lost souls , disillusioned with life and eager to embrace the utopia of  an everlasting   ” Paradise ” and are mere pawns to the puppet masters who control Islamic State and other extremist Islamic groups.

But at least  they have their 72 blue eyed virgins waiting for them in paradise – Don’t they?

Not that I have any sympathy with them , if they choose to blow themselves to bits – that’s fine by me , but when they kill innocent people in the process That’s  NOT at all right with…

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