Enniskillen Bombing – 10.43am, 8th November 1987 – Shame on the IRA & those that Supported them!

Belfast Child

Enniskillen Bombing – Remembrance Day Bombing


Poppy cross Those who died that day are now remembered at the Cenotaph alongside the names of the war dead they went there to honour


The Enniskillen Rememberance Day Massacre


The Remembrance Day bombing (also known as the Enniskillen bombing or Poppy Day massacre[1][2]) took place on 8 November 1987 in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. A Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) bomb exploded near the town’s war memorial (cenotaph) during a Remembrance Sunday ceremony, which was being held to commemorate British military war dead. Eleven people (ten civilians and a police officer) were killed and 63 were injured. The IRA said it had made a mistake and that its target had been the British soldiers parading to the memorial. The unit who carried out the bombing was disbanded.

People run from explosion Enniskillen Remembrance Day bomb

The bombing was…

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