Rozelle Kathryn McEachnie 15th Feb 1971 -2nd March 2016

Rest in Peace – Roz, I still can’t believe your gone.

rozell funeral order of service resized

I said goodbye to a friend today for the final time and now I feel sad and depressed and a dark cloud  of  melancholy is threatening to envelope my entire being.

Normally I like to embrace the good in  life and am a happy chappy by nature – but certain things like the death of a loved one or someone close to me can send me off on a journey down the dark corridors of depression and I can spend days/weeks in varying states of gloom.

But I’m making an effort not to give in to the depression  – because Roz was always happy and  faced her illness with her usual attitude towards life and just got on with it.

But this was one battle she could never beat and in the end Cancer claimed another beautiful, young  life that was cut way too short  and left friends and family without a mother, wife, daughter,sister, aunty ,cousin, a friend ………….and so very much more..

Death comes to us all and yet the reality of seeing someone you loved or cared for for the final time can never be easy and we are left with a lifetime of sorrow and never ending grief .

But life must go on and it always does, but always in the background there is something missing and our hearts  are scarred forever by the pain of missing someone we can never again see in this lifetime.

So rest in peace Roz, until me will again!!



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