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INLA paramilitary funeral – On the Streets of the UK – A Disgrace!

Imagine the outcry if Islamic State did do that?

Republican  paramilitary funeral – On the Streets of the UK


The granddaughter of veteran republican Peggy O’Hara has defended a paramilitary display at her funeral.

The fact that this took place on the streets of the UK  ( Yes Londonderry is part of the UK ) and nothing was done to stop this outrage is beyond my comprehension. Men & women wearing paramilitary uniforms and shots being fired over the coffin – Hello , am I missing something here?

Imagine if Islamic State held a similar funeral for one of their own on the streets of London or Manchester.

There would be absolute pandemonium and the whole country would be in uproar and demand action. MP,s and Newspaper’s would have a field day and every man and his dog would have an opinion.

But what’s the difference between the IRA/INLA/Republicans  & Islamic state?

They are all drenched in the blood of the innocent and are responsible for some of the most outrageous terrorist attacks of the past century and yet they are permitted to hold this paramilitary funeral on British soil.

Why aren’t the rest of the UK outraged at this event and yelling from the rooftops?

Have they forgotten the decades of misery  and slaughter of the innocent the INLA/IRA and other Republican groups were responsible for and the agony of those families destroyed for the ideology of a United Ireland?

There has been hardly any mention on the BBC News ( England at least ) about this story and only a brief story on BBC Northern Irelands website. Why?

They can’t seem to get enough of IS and other Islamic terrorists and yet they seemed to all but ignore this criminal act on the streets of the UK.

Pride in the Union

The people of Northern Ireland have suffered more than any for the right to remain part of the UK and we are rightly proud of the Union. We have lived through decades of IRA terrorism and the legacy of the troubles still haunts and dominates our daily lives. But  the people of mainland Britain ( excluding Scotland ) seemed to have  abandoned and forgotten us and all but ignore our right to celebrate and embrace (peacefully and lawfully  ) our culture and loyalist heritage.

The British government seem happy to help Sinn Fein/IRA eradicate our culture  & traditions and yet they stand by and watch as these INLA/ Republican terrorist carry out a paramilitary style funeral on the streets of the UK. These double standards are a disgrace and its time the people of the UK  recognised the loyalty we have always shown to the British establishment and the sacrifices the people of Northern Ireland have made to ensure that Northern Ireland remains part of the UK!

“Mr Campbell said the police had questions to answer.”

“Police need to take robust action against all who break the law. It seems however that the police are treating some groups in some areas with kid-gloves thus leaving the impression that there is a two-tier justice system,” he said.

Peggy O’Hara said her granny planned this funeral and her son Patsy O’Hara died. He gave his life for Ireland.

Well if that is the cause why didn’t they hold her funeral in Dublin , instead of the streets of Northern Ireland – which is part of the UK.

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The Battle of Waterloo and Arthur Wesley (later Wellington)

To commemorate the  Battle of Waterloo and the Iron Duke I recommend The Revolution series by the great author Simon Scarrow.  He has written many books on Roman History and these have educated and lead me to a keen interest in ancient Warfare , especially the Romans. If you would like to lose yourself in the history of the Iron Duke &  Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte   these books are fantastic starting point and  track their lives from beginning to end and have some great battle scenes.

1. Young Bloods (2006)

book cover of  Young Bloods

Europe in the late eighteenth century was a tumultuous place, with war and rebellions breaking out on many fronts. Young Arthur Wesley (later Wellington) and Napoleon Bonaparte grow up worlds apart yet immersed from youth in a culture where a military career is a natural choice for men of ambition. While Wellington is blooded in Ireland and Flanders, Napoleon is caught up in the dramas of the French Revolution and war with Prussia, Britain and Holland. None of this is enough to distract Wellington from his pursuit of Kitty Pakenham or Napoleon from his future bride, Josephine, for these men throw themselves into all aspects of life as enthusiastically as they rush to battle. A wonderful, multi-layered introduction to an epic series.

2. The Generals (2007)

book cover of  The Generals

The second in this epic quartet of novels focusing on two giants of European history, Wellington and Napoleon It’s 1796 as THE GENERALS opens, and both Arthur Wellesly (later Wellington) and Napoleon Bonaparte are making their mark as men of military genius. Wellesley, as commander of the 33rd Regiment of Foot, is sent to India, where his skill and bravery make a remarkable impression on his superiors. Napoleon’s role as commander of the Army of Italy leads to success in battle and rapid political progress. By 1804, Napoleon has established himself as Emperor, and has his sights set on conquering all of Europe. The time has come for Wellesly to stand against Napoleon in the confrontation that lies ahead.

3. Fire and Sword (2007)

book cover of  Fire and Sword

The third in this epic quartet of novels focusing on two giants of European history, Wellington and Napoleon.

In the early years of the nineteenth century, Arthur Wellesley (elevated to Viscount Wellington in the course of the novel) and Napoleon Bonaparte are well-established as men of military genius. Wellesley has returned from India, where his skill and bravery made a remarkable impression on his superiors. He faces trials and tribulations on the political scene before becoming embroiled militarily in Copenhagen, then Portugal and finally Spain. Napoleon, established as Emperor, is cementing his control on Europe, intending finally to crush his hated foe across the Channel: Britain. The time is fast approaching when Wellington and Napoleon will come face to face in confrontation and only one man can emerge victorious…

4. The Fields of Death (2010)

book cover of  The Fields of Death

It’s 1810, and both Viscount Wellington and Emperor Napoleon have made great names for themselves as outstanding military commanders. Wellington expands his achievements and enjoys further fame during his years in Spain but knows his most challenging test will be to face Napoleon’s mighty army. But when Wellington invades France in 1814 he gains a swift and certain victory. He indulges in a spell of self-congratulation at Vienna — until news comes of Napoleon’s triumphant return. Napoleon, ambitious as ever, embarks on a Russian campaign which ends in disaster and is then defeated at Leipzig in the biggest battle ever fought in Europe. With Napoleon’s power waning at long last, Wellington must seize the opportunity to crush the tyrant once and for all — and so the two giants face each other for the final time, at Waterloo…
The Wellington and Napoleon Quartet: Young Bloods / The Generals / Fire and Sword / Fields of Death