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Big Brother’s Final Days

Big Brother’s Final Days

Is it just me or are the remaining housemates all looking very smug with themselves , especially that self obsessed  nob Danny and his ever present side kick Christian.

And boy wouldn’t I love to give both of them a good kick.

Since Mark left the house has been as boring as watching paint dry, apart from the various cash bomb tasks, which to my  delight caused some of them to show their real character , especially Cloe , whom tries her hardest to project a caring , sharing face, but in reality is the most cash obsessed one in there and really feels, deep down that she has it in the bag.

She threw a right hissy fit when they all turned on her about the £5000 and they were right to do so. She spent the week banging on about the cash being for the winner and at the first opportunity she grabs £5000 for her greedy self..

Take a closer look Cloe, cause Danny Boy knows he’s the winner and the  final is nothing but a mere formality in his mind and he’s already spent the money. He readily accused Simon  ” Showbiz” of sitting on the fence and yet he surly  must have splinters torturing his behind, because apart from acting the “”hero” with Mark, he has been sweetness and light to the other housemates .and has not said a bad word about any of them  and never offers an opinion that might upset his ” angelic persona.

Apart from his fall out with Cloe, which was at least amusing.

He is way to smooth and smug for my taste buds and I’ll b e appalled if he wins.

Well done Jack for taking the £23,999 , he’s had a bad few weeks and has come to the obvious conclusion  that he has no chance of winning , how can he against the wonderful Danny and Cloe.

And should Jack forget for a moment that he has £23,999 strapped to his arm, I’m sure Cloe will remind him, as she did three or four times during tonight show. And she makes out that she doesn’t care about the money. Give me a break.

Going back to Friday’s eviction Harry’s departure was expected, although watching her was like car crash TV , she was entertaining and kept me on my toes..

Poor Sam being so  ruthlessly evicted in such a manner was wrong and unfair. The rest of them had it easy compared to Sam and had Cloe drawn the £15000 card I truly  believe that Danny and his side kicks would have  overcome their moral responsibility to Cloe and dump her in favour of increasing the prize fund.

Who do I think will win?

We’ll I know who I don’t want to win , the smug trio of Danny, Cloe or Christian and it will be priceless to see their faces if they are first out of the house on finals night. If I had control I would get  rid of Danny 1st, Then Christian and Cloe and good riddance to them..

To be honest none of the remaining house mates float my wagon , but Joel and Nick are probably the two that have infuriated  me least and I would be happy if either won.

Poor Jack is not so poor now and I think he will reflect on his time in the house as the highlight of his life and I really hope he spends his money wisely , rather than throw it all on the favourite at  Epson Downs next race meeting.

Only a few days to go and as Joel would sing.

” The Winner takes it all”