Hello – Sinn Fien/IRA?

Sinn Fien/IRA

I’m sick of every man and his  dog slagging off the Unionist Community of Northern Ireland in the wake of the DUP’s sudden rise in profile  and politically clout!

Among the many uninformed and out right ridiculous  claims I keep hearing about the DUP’s relationship with Loyalist Paramilitaries. Especially from some Labour MP’s , which is laughable in itself…

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Hello  what about Sinn Fien/IRA ?

They are lead by a bunch of psychopathic killers , drenched in the blood of the innocent  and by some fickle twist of fate find themselves in positions of power – oh how the Barman Adams has managed to carved out a good life  for himself & a legacy (Bloody) that insures his name will always be associated  with my beautiful home town Belfast.

It  tortures my soul that Adams and his like have literally got away with mass murder and to rub salt into the wounds – they seem to have benefited from their brutal pasts and in my book that’s wrong!!



Many of my family and friends in Belfast voted for the DUP not because they supported them , but because they where tactically voting against Sinn Fien/IRA and although I have  many reservations about some of their policies and hardline views , I am happy to see a Unionist  Party in a position of power , where they can hopefully do some  good for not just the Loyalist community of Northern Ireland , but for all the people of Northern Ireland.



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