Islamic State Fools & Idiots Getting Killed – Boo Hoo!

Although there’s nothing funny about the madmen of Islamic State and their crimes against humanity , its nice to see these fools getting a taste of their own medicine from time to time. The sheer incompetence of these idiots defies belief  and the fact that they all think they are going to “paradise” and collecting 75 blue eyed virgins on the way speaks volumes for the twisted, deluded ideology they follow and  in my opinion each and every one of them is clinical insane!

Therefore I have put together this short collection of video’s of the DOGS  of Islam getting blown up, shooting themselves and well…being completely stupid and showing themselves for the amateur’s  they  really are. If they ever find themselves in a real battle with REAL warriors they wouldn’t last five minutes.

Nothing too gruesome  as to be honest I can’t stomach watching people die and sleep well in my bed at night, even if it is these bastards getting a one way ticket to hell!



Stupidity of the Islamic Front. Footage is all recent from southern


İSİS terrorists destroying themselves


What It’s Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State


Islamic state Suicide Bomber hit by a MILAN Rocket


Kurds destroy a suicide bomber’s truck filled with explosives coming at them


Suicide bomber detonates himself in close combat


ISIS idiots who shot himself


ISIS militant gets owned by a French Bomber…


See Fools Paradise

fools paradise resized biggggggggger

See ISIS Cowards – Crybabies & Wimps

See ISIS Getting a taste of their own medicine – compilation

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