Can you help me join the Real IRA ?

Some fool emailed me yesterday and although he was probably taking the pee he proclaimed he wanted to join the RIRA and enquired if I could help him.

This really pissed me off!

Well James  there’s nothing funny about terrorists who killed innocent people and I’m in two minds whether to report you are not, who knows – the local police may be interested to know about your views or perhaps they are already familiar with you and know you are a complete Tosser .

So do me a favour and go away……….


For the record…….

My blog and other online platforms are dedicated to the memory of all innocent victims of the Northern Ireland Troubles  ( regardless of political or religious background ) and I have never hid behind the fact that I am extremely proud of my Protestant upbringing in West Belfast .


That doesn’t mean I hate Catholics or wish harm on them, it means I have a different point of view and democracy is all about freedom of choice and my choice is to maintain the Union with the UK and embrace and celebrate my loyalist culture and traditions.

In fact during the worst years of the troubles whenever I learnt of the death of an innocent Catholic or anyone else for that matter, my heart would bleed for them and those they left behind.

My sympathy extended to all innocent victims of the conflict, regardless of religious or political background , including the army and other security forces tasked with the impossible job of policing two communities whom at times seemed to want to destroy each other.

I am a pacifist at heart and I abhor all murder, especially the murder of innocent people & those committed for political or religious reasons. Life’s to short and  hard enough without having to worry that you will be killed for following a certain political system or worshipping a different god.

The definition of loyalist is :

a. A supporter of union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

b. A person who remains loyal to the established ruler or government, especially in the face of a revolt.

Growing up in West Belfast during the height of the troubles was no laughing matter and I have seen things that no child should ever have to witness .Death stalked the streets of Belfast day in and day out and there was no escape from the madness that surrounded and engulfed us…

See Proud to be British


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