I quit Smoking today at 17:31:24

No-Smoking 2.jpg

Ok after thirty five years , 100’s of 1000’s of pounds and untold damage to my innards I have taken the first step to a healthier , wealthier & hopefully longer life and have STOPPED smoking. To be more precise I smoked my last fag a few hours ago and as a wise  man once said the first step in a thousand mile journey is the most important step and yeah – I’m with him on this.

I have tried a few times in the past , but these  were always half-arsed attempts and I knew deep down that I had no intentions of really stopping – Just wanted to keep the wife and daughter happy and told them what I though they needed to hear – and off course they knew I was bullshitting them all alone.

How do women do at?

The Wife
autumn and me
Daughter & I

Anyways  if  you follow this blog you may be aware that it was my  BIG 50 last week and I have always kinda promised myself that when I reached this milestone I would try  and look after myself a bit better and quitting smoking was always top of this list.


So wish me luck and I promise to keep you up to date on this and other live-longer schemes I will be implementing over the next few weeks/months.

PS. Knowing my luck I’ll keel over and have a heart – attack any minute now!

smoking warning





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