Update on Baby- Our Little Man – Cat

Update 17/7/2016

Suffering the hang- over from hell after my 50th birthday celebrations yesterday!

Hi all just a little update on Baby and to introduce  you to the new member of our family Delilah – who is a gorgeous little fur ball of fluffiness and who will hopefully cheer Baby up as he comes to terms with the amputation of his leg.

our new cat 2

our new cat.jpg

Baby is recovering well from the surgery and is already hopping around and eating his food and the vet assures us this is a good sign. The road to recovery will be a long one and we have been researching and reading about three legged cats and how they cope with life – and things aren’t as grim as we first thought. He is still on morphine , but this is being reduced daily and if he is up to it he will be allowed home Monday or Tuesday next week.

Against my better judgement the wife and daughter have brought a new cat into our family , she is only eight weeks old and completely adorable and I’m hoping she will be company for Baby and help him through the weeks and months ahead. There is a part of me that thinks Baby’s nose will be put out of joint when he finds a strange cat at home, but he has such a friendly loving nature that I’m sure he will be grateful for the company as he will not be allowed out for the next couple of months.

The vet bill is now well over £2000.00 and if you would like to donate click the PayPal image below and follow the instructions.

If you would like to  donate towards his surgery & treatment please click PayPal button below and follow the instructions.

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Update: 11/July/2016

Hi All just a quick update on our cat Baby ‘s condition –  from Belfast.


We spoke to the vet today and unfortunately Baby has managed to undo the pins in his leg and after an xray  it was discovered that he still has multiply fractures and it has been decided that Baby will have to have his left leg amputated   and this will take place tomorrow. The vet assures us that this is the only and best option and we are just trying to get our heads round this latest drama and I will update tomorrow or next day.

The vet bill is now almost £2000 and to think we paid £20.00 for this cat. Some of our friends can’t believe we would be willing to pay this for a cat – but we are animal lovers and Baby is a huge part of our lives

We are going to watch the bonfires tonight in and around the Shankill and  will be watching the 12th  parades tomorrow in Belfast.

Bye for now


Firstly thanks  to all of you who sent wishes and prayers for Baby’s our little cat after his horrendous hit-n-run accident last week. He has had surgery and now has pins and plates holding his little left leg together and he is in a lot of pain , but thankfully they are giving him morphine intravenously and he has a glazed, stoned look about him and that’s fine by me – I hate to see him in pain.

baby pins Collage

He is not out of the woods yet and has much more surgery and treatment to come and will be remaining in the vets for the next week 0r so , as they monitor him and make sure he doesn’t get any infections or other nasty setbacks.

To date the vets bill is a staggering £1160.00 and is going up by the day – so if you happen to have a  spare grand please feel free to donate to his surgery fund. The irony is we only paid £20.00 for the little fella and now he is going to be the most expensive cat in the whole of the North West of England!

Karma is punishing me for something, but  I know not what?

Thought of the day – maybe I should become a Vet – they seem to get paid vast amounts of cash for looking after our little furry friends by animal lovin fools like me.

See below for the full story of Baby’s accident.


If you would like to  donate towards his surgery & treatment please click PayPal button below and follow the instructions.

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Praying for Baby!

Our Little Cat – Man

Is  seriously ill!

baby strip Collage

Our beautiful little Baby has been knocked down by a hit and run driver and is critically ill and our hearts are breaking.

He is only a few months old and is the happiest, mischievous little fella in the world and he brings joy to our lives every day. He has broken his femur, jaw and lost loads of blood and may have internal injuries to boot.

When we first got him we couldn’t decide on a name and my wife and daughter started calling him Baby until we could decide on a permanent name and Baby has stuck.


You have no idea how embarrassing it is for me to call him in for his dinner – BABY, Your dinners ready!

Hmmm , I know the neighbour have a right laugh at me , but I care not – we are an animal loving family.

He is such an adorable ,sweet little thing and all the female cats in the area love him and he is never without female company. In fact two local lady cats were have a right cat-fight the other day over him , whilst he stood solemnly by and watched them , giving no indication the fight had anything to do with him , although I did note he give the winner a playful bite on the left ear before coming in for a snooze on his favourite chair.


Things have not always been so rosy for him however and in the past few months he has tried to commit suicide three times.

The first time he tried to gas himself in our over and after singeing his whiskers and burning his nose he eventually realised we have an electric over and looking embarrassed hid under the bed for a few hours.


The second time was a few days before Xmas and as he had helped me put up the Xmas tree and enjoyed swinging from the branches (and destroying the tree in the process ) , I assumed he was happy and looking forward to Xmas day and the presents Santa was going to bring him.

How wrong I was.

I went out to the shed to get something and was only gone for a few minutes and when I came back he was swinging from the tree, with the lights twisted around his neck and turning blue. He was dangling half way up the tree and if I hadn’t come back so soon he would surely have died.

Joking aside, this scared the hell out of me and I struggled frantically to unwind the lights from him and I’m sure he could hear my heart banging against my rib cage as I had images of him dying and having to explain it to the wife and kids. After that he was never left alone in the front room with the evil Xmas tree again and thankfully he cheered up and had a wonderful Xmas and loved his toys, (see video.)


The third suicide attempt was when he fell asleep in the tumble dryer and no one knew he was in there. Passing it I noticed the door was opened and closed it and thought no more of it. The wife was out and called to order me to make sure the clothes in the tumble dryer were dry as she needed them. Now normally I would just twist the knob and leave it, but for some reason I opened the door to check the clothes and there he was snoozing without a care in the world.

At this stage I came to the conclusion that having a kitten was just as stressful as having a baby and the irony was not lost on me. But we all love him so much and spoil him rotten.

The accident


Happened today about 2 o’clock and to be honest we aren’t quite sure what precisely occurred. The wife and I were discussing our upcoming trip to Belfast and suddenly we heard him screaming at the front door. This is nothing unusal as he normally screams to get in and once in he goes straight to the cupboard were his food is stored it and lets us know he wants feeding RIGHT NOW!

The wife went out to let him in and it was then we realized something was very wrong. He was dragging his rear legs behind him and had blood on his face and chest. The wife panic and whilst I phone the vet (tried three and only one actually had a vet on duty..grrrrr) she lifted him and cuddling him she tried to established where he was injured. And then to our horror blood started pouring out of his back end, loads and loads of blood and it scared the hell out of us.

We got him to the vet and to be honest they weren’t altogether comforting and after a few test and an examination, they sedated him, give him pain killers and put him on an intravenous drip. The vet explained it looked like a traffic accident ( wow, how sharp of him ) and what his main concerns were – he had a broken jaw, lost various teeth, a broken femur and possible internal injuries and they were going to keep him under observation over the weekend and if he’s fit enough operate on him on Monday.

The vets parting words were the cost would be in the range of £700 – £800.

Our hearts are broken and we are praying he pulls through and makes a full recovery in time.

Where we are going to find the money for the operation and treatment is a major concern to us and if you would like to help or donate please click the PayPal button below. Every little helps and we are grateful for anything at all. I will be posting updates over the weekend and coming days and weeks and we are praying our little man can pull through and survive this terrible ordeal.


If you would like to  donate towards his surgery & treatment please click PayPal button below and follow the instructions.

paypal donation button


Please check out the video and you will see just how adorable he is.


Thanks you and I will post updates as soon as they happen


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