Yazidis Genocide – Massacres, Sexual Slavery & Forced Exile

Belfast Child

The Genocide & inhuman abuse of the Yazidi people

The plight of the Yazidi people of Northern  Iraq and Syria has drifted in and out of the public consciousness over the past few years , as these  followers of the ancient religion Yazidism – have been pursued and brutalised by the mad men of Islamic State and their deluded followers.

Their men folk have been killed and women systematically raped and force to act as ” Sex Slaves”  to fighters of IS and they have been  forced into exile  from their ancestral lands in Northern Iraq . Over the past few weeks and months  mass graves have been uncovered and the true horror of the persecution of the Yazidis people is yet to be told.

See Newsweek for full story

The Yazidi people (also Yezidi, Êzidî; i/jəˈzdz/yə-ZEE-dees

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