Sunnis and Shia – What’s the difference?

Belfast Child

According to the two biggest religions in the world are Christianity , with approximately 2.2 billion practising followers and Islam , with approximately 1.6 billion practising followers and both have various offshoots and different strands often dictated by regional and cultural boundaries.

When you consider that the world population is approximately 7.3 billion ( as of July 2015  )  then almost half of the world population follow Christianity and/or Islam and sadly both religions are responsibly for more deaths and devastation  than any act of nature or global war and the corridors of time are littered with the blood of the innocent and the souls of the none believers – In my book religion has a lot to answer for!


Sunnis and Shia – What’s the difference?

Struggles between Sunni and Shia forces have fed the Syrian civil war that threatens to transform the map of the Middle East, spurred violence that is…

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