David Bowie – A British “Hero”

Rest in Peace


You are flying through the Stars once again!


David Bowie – Starman


See David Bowie – Life & Death

Although  I was not an avid fan of David Bowie , I appreciated his music and recognized his iconic contribution to British and global pop music and cultural history.

In fact he has been on my mind over the past few days and this is  due to his estranged wife – Angie Bowie’s – car crash participation in the latest Big Brother celebrity adventure.

I am curious by nature and when Angie revealed a few details about her split with David and the fact that David had brought up their son  alone  and she played no part in his upbringing  – my curiosity was tickled and I headed straight for Google.

angie bowie

The Google search satisfied my curiosity and  as you do – I listed to a few of his tunes  to remind me of how good he was.

That was yesterday and today I woke to the News he was dead. This was another bizarre event in a long line of recent strange  coincidence’s I have experienced and I will be writing a blog about that soon.


Back to David – hearing the News of his death I felt a strange mixture of nostalgia for my own youth and the glam days of the 70’s when anything went and we all wore those shocking tartan  trousers.

Bay City Rollers Flares


I also felt something akin to grief and this saddened me for a short period today. I have always had a deep empathy for others pain and suffering and its not unusual to find me in silent tears after a particularly depressing films or News story. Sometimes I even well up when I hear the national Anthem and the wife assures me its a nice trait to have and I just feel like a wimp!

But my grief was short lived and I spent a few hours listening to some of Bowies biggest hits and watching the BBC News giving his death wall – to wall coverage and I felt this was only right!

Bowie’s career spanned five decades and he has given us some of the most iconic pop songs ever produced and the fact that he was British gained him many brownie points in my book-  as I am  fiercely  proud of all things British


Global pop stars  ,  superstars , household names and even the Prime Minister have paid tribute to him today and the whole country should feel proud of his contribution to “Cool Britannia” and I feel his legacy will live for any moons to  come.

In this age of  “factory” pop stars and manufactured groups its nice to be reminded of a not too distant  past when mavericks like David Bowie set the world on fire and thrilled us with their unique style and unforgettable music.



 You are now flying through the heavens once again!

David Bowie – Life & Death


David Bowie -Best of Bowie(2002) [FULL ALBUM]


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