Understanding the Syrian crisis & The Battle for Rojava – ISIS – Pushed back

Belfast Child

The Rojava Revolution


Pushing Back the Islamic State: The Battle for Rojava


The Rojava Revolution is a political upheaval taking place in an autonomous region of Northern Syria, known as Rojava. The revolution has been characterized by the prominent role played by women both on the battlefield and within the newly formed political system, as well as the implementation of democratic confederalism, a form of grassroots democracy based on local assemblies.


Understanding the Syrian crisis in 5 minutes



Islamic State Conquest: Map Time Lapse (August 2015 Update)



Further information: Kurds in Syria and Rojava

Kurds make up between nine and fifteen percent of Syria’s population, or well over 2 million people. The northeast of the country (where many Kurds live) is strategically important, because it contains a large percentage of Syria’s oil supplies.[31]

Qamishli riots

Further information: 2004 al-Qamishli riots

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