Her in doors

Friends, family and Twitter buddies I hope I find well and life is not grinding you down too much.

The bane of my Life! Sorry meant love of my life!

Her indoors has been abusing me for the amount of time I spend on Twitter and working on my Website https://belfastchildis.wordpress.com and if you are reading this then you probably know what the good lady wife is referring too.

I explained to her that I enjoyed my time on Twitter and people seemed to like the posts from my blog, but alas, she yelled

“That won’t pay the bills”

After a moment’s hesitation I had no option but to agree with her. After many wrong approaches in our early days I have found from bitter , bruising experience that this is always the best and quickest way to appease her – Although I failed to see why her Xmas list ( Shoe’s, Clothes, Perfume, Make-up, more shoe’s , twenty movies, jewellery , more shoes………. ) comes under the “Bills” budget.

Wives’ can be so harsh sometimes – But I wouldn’t be without her!

After a lengthy debate (she done most of the talking) we (she) came to the conclusion that I should perhaps put an Amazon link on my home page and she assures me that this is the best approach and who am I to argue?

Anyways with Halloween, Xmas , New Year and countless other expensive dates looming I suspect that many of you will be using Amazon in the coming months  and if you would consider popping over to my site and using the link there I would be most grateful and her in-doors will get off my back!

You can find the link on my home page and throughout the site

In Association with Amazon.co.ukThank you

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