Friendly Lions. In memory of Cecil the Lion. Killed by a disgusting animal called Walter Palmer

Friendly Lions & their love for their keepers

lion 4

Unlike that arsehole Walter Palmer whom is a disgrace to the human race, these people show that lions are gentle , majestic animals, whom can show love and affection to their human “family”

Friendly Lions

Touching scenes that show Lions and their human family .

This lion keeper has an extra special bond with his lion friends 


Christian the Lions

Proof That A Lion Never Forgets

In 1969 a young Australian, John Rendall and his friend Ace Bourke, bought a small lion cub from Harrods pet department, which was then legal. ‘Christian’ was kept in the basement of a furniture shop on the Kings Road in Chelsea, the heart of the swinging sixties. Loved by all, the affectionate cub ate in a local restaurant, played in a nearby graveyard, but was growing fast…

A chance encounter with Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna led to a new life for Christian. He came to live in a huge enclosure and to sleep in a caravan at their Surrey home. Then in 1971 he was flown to Kenya, his ancestral home, and returned to the wild by lion-man George Adamson. Nine months later in 1972, John and Ace returned to Kora in Kenya. This clip is of their reunion at that time.

It was an emotional reunion: “He ran towards us, threw himself onto us, knocked us over and hugged us, with his paws on our shoulders.”

A Lioness Adopts a baby antelope

Lioness saves cub

African Lions National Geographic Documentary


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