Goodbye Henri

tortoise sheel cat2

We’ll a Sad diversion from the boredom of everyday life – Our little tortoise shell cat Henrietta  , otherwise known as “Squeaky” has passed away and gone to cat heaven. She has been ill for sometime and the wife brought her to the vet and returned with an empty cat box and a broken heart.

I feel so sad and upset that I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to her and have been weeping into my cornflakes as I try to come to terms with this new tragedy in my life. My eyes keep drifting to the little chair by my desk, where little Henri would sit all day and silently  watch me in wonder and keep me company through the long nights of insomnia .

Holly the older cat ( she’s almost 160 in cat years and we always thought she would go first). doesn’t seem that concerned at the mo, she just keeps screaming to be feed and is happy as a pig as she scuff’s down her gourmet  food. I wonder when she will realise that little Henri won’t ever be coming home again – will she missed her companion of almost 20 human years? That said she use to make little Henri’s life a nightmare, bullying her and stealing her food. We shall see.

Rest in peace Henri!

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