Deaths in Northern Ireland.

Below is a documentary  about the history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland and gives some general background information to the roots of the {recent } problems between the two warring communities. The Loyalist , whom are proud of their connection to the British state and wish to remain part of thee United Kingdom  and the Republicans who want nothing to do with the British state and are fighting for a United Ireland. Two sides locked in an age old conflict , a remnant of the British Empire  and decades of bloodshed and slaughter in the name of a Free State. History is littered with the blood of the innocent and Northern Ireland sent to many to early graves and this website and my book is dedicated to the memory of the innocent victims of the Troubles and those they left behind.  I will be updating and adding new links on a regular basis , so please come back.


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Click on the image below to view documentary about Northern Ireland Troubles



Since the Troubles began in the early sixties over 3500 people have been killed and injured and this website is dedicated to th Since the troubles began in the early sixties over 3500 people have been murdered or injured and this book is dedicated to all those innocent victims of the troubles and those they left behind. To those paramilitaries whom lost their lives during the “WAR” , well you choose to live by the sword and Good will judge you.

Please click on the picture below or follow the link  to view a list of those killed during the troubles and other stats and information of interest to those interested in the Northern Troubles.



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