Daughter has a BOY-FRIEND

 Well as no one seems to be interested in or reading my Autobiography I thought I would share some of my thoughts and events in my daily life. If this generates some interest in my Autobiography- great that’s-what-I-want

The News is full  of madness and sadness , why can’t we all live side-by-side and enjoy our journey through this one short life.

I know – life’s never that straight forward.

The Gods must have a sick sense of humour , if so many of  their disciples think its fine to slaughter innocent people the world over.  Seems to me that most of the hate and bigotry in the world is fuelled by the Gods and how we decide to worship them and tolerate other religions.

I’m no expert , but having been brought up in the war torn streets of West Belfast I understand what it feels like to live in a divided country , divided by a  religion and a  political oceans and over 400 years and more of intolerance and mistrust of each other.

I grew up in an environment were hate and mistrust of my Catholic neighbours and family were ingrained within the political and religious fabric of the community I lived in.  My people were at war with the Catholic population of Northern Ireland and we felt abandoned by the crown we worshipped and the politicians who ruled us. This opened the door to the paramilitaries(on both side)  and they sought a terrible price as they brought war and slaughter to the streets of Belfast and the mainland UK , as they fought a war that could never be  won,  but cost more then 3500 deaths and countless broken hearts and bodies.

But that’s in the past and a story for another day.

The Muslin community must do more and stand up and be counted. I am neither biased or bigot , my mother was a catholic  from the ultra Republican Falls road of Belfast and my father a protestant from heartlands of Loyalist Belfast , the Shankill road , so I grew up with an open mind and a nervous deposition and had more of a curiosity about my religious counterparts , rather than fanatical hatred.  Also my wife is half Indian , part French and a wee bit Scottish and many of her family are practising Muslims .So I think I therefore qualify for someone who does not registry religious or cultural differences. Live and let live is my motto.

But following the recent  terrible and pointless war these so called Islamic terrorist are sowing throughout the world in the name of Allah  , I felt sadness for the victims and disappointed with many branches of the Muslim community and religious leadership. No matter which god you worship and how you choose to worship them , to my knowledge no god demands the death of innocent life’s and such  religious intolerance . Maybe go back a few hundred years and you’ll find them, but this is 2015 for gods sake.

The point I want to make is that the Muslim community through out the world and more importantly in the UK need to stand up and be counted. They need to show their British neighbours and counterparts that they despise and deplore the acts of these mad men , who shame all Muslims the world over. There has been only a whisper from the Muslim community of the UK regarding recent events and I think its time the Muslim community stood  up  and yelled it from the highest roof tops – We stand united with our British brothers and sisters against this evil and will do all to  help  eradicate it.

The  majority of white British people are tolerant and are happy to live side by side with other religions and cultures communities , providing they are peaceful and live within the law. However their is a small majority who have a more prejudiced  view of the world and are suspicious of any change. Sadly we can’t change these freaks and I’m not going to waste my breath on them. The point I want to make is the British need to know that the Muslim community is with them. There is much doubt out there and this is largely due to the silence of the Muslim majority and doubt breeds  suspicion. It time the Muslims of this country united spoke as one. Stand up and tell the terrorist that this is your country too and you will not stand by and watch them shame Islam and kill in your name. If there was a huge out pouring of condemnation from the Muslim community  this would reassure the British public and send a clear to message to the terrorist-NOT IN MY NAME.

Anyways I’ve been waffling and must go for now, the kids will be home from school soon. The purpose of this blog was to tell you that my daughter is having a BOY FRIEND over tonight. Nothing unusual about this apart from the fact she’s only fifteen and I have been the only man in her life up to now. She does have a younger brother , but hates him with a passion.

The arrival of this young chap on the scene is causing me some discomfort. I’ve instructed her mother to inform her that she is not allowed to be alone with him , kiss him or encourage him in any way what-so–ever. Her mother called me an “Old Fart” and told me to get with the program and stay out -of-it. Not sure what all that meant, but I will be keeping a close eye on tonight’s events.

Been off the fags for three days now, but having to roll for thee wife is making it so much harder.

Weighted in at 13.6, need to cut out the sugar and cakes and do more exercise.

Got a hospital appointment tomorrow, great hours of my life sitting in a waiting room surrounded by sick people and over worked hospital staff.

Work on my book tonight and remember:

The past has gone, what’s done is done

But the future is yours so make it your own.


Belfast child

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